Woman Eats Leftovers From Office Bin, Saving $30K For A World Tour

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 16, 2021

How can a "dumpster dog" saves up enough money for a world trip and become a financial trainer, keep on reading for full stories!

Amanda Holden, a 32-year-old woman in the U.S., has made headlines after saving $30K for eating co-worker's leftover foods in just 8 months. She was even caught eating food from the bin and got the nickname Dumpster Dog. Scroll down to know more about her story!

Woman Eats Food From Trash Bin
Amanda Holden, from a "Dumpster Dog" to a financial trainer

After years of working as an officer, Ms. Holden starts to realize that it is not the job that she wants to do. In fact, she enjoys traveling around the world and dreams to visit South Africa at least once in her lifetime.

However, with the average salary of an officer, it sounds impossible for the woman to afford such a long trip. She comes up with a plan to minimize her spending by cutting off her shopping bills and social spending. In addition to that, she has a shocking solution to save as much money on food as possible - eating other people’s leftover food!

Woman Eats Food From Trash Bin Photo
She ate leftovers to save money for her trips

The Dumpster Dog

According to Ms Holder, there are a lot of male colleagues in her workplace who always leftover a lot of food after lunchtime. She finds it alright to ask them for the đeundant part which, otherwise, will go to the trash bin. There are also times she cannot find any leftover food so she has to buy some by herself. However, the savvy spender has saved a lot of money on food for doing so.

There were also times she got caught eating food taken from the bin and got a nickname the Dumpster Dog. However, Ms. Holden never shies away from her unusual eating habits. She also creates a personal blog with the same nickname and documents her saving journey.

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Woman Eats Leftover Food
The woman finally made it possible after 8 months of saving

A Dream Journey

After successfully saving more than $23K, Ms Holden resigned from her job and headed to Mexico followed by a trip to South Africa. These trips are not only a wonderful journey of exploring the world but also a life-changing experience to the 32-year-old woman. She started to discover her own potential and interests and decided to become a financial coach to women around the world.

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