41-Year-old Oxford Graduate Lawyer Sued His Own Parents For Not Providing Him Financial Support

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 12, 2021

One of the most bizarre cases took place in London when a well-educated lawyer filed a case against his own parents for a lifelong financial allowance. 

Graduating from one of the most famous universities in the world Oxford, Faiz Siddiqui, a 41-year-old unemployed lawyer was born and raised by wealthy Dubai-based parents. The case is considered a one-of-its-kind case in the UK and the court filing was attended by the press.

According to the man, he was a vulnerable child who suffered from serious health issues. If his parents cut off the financial support, it would be a serious violation of his human rights. 

963577 Faiz Siddiqui The Sun
Faiz Siddiqui, a well-educated lawyer, filed a case against his own parents for a lifelong financial allowance.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, Siddiqui has been unemployed for 10 years. He lives in a luxury apartment in the center of London which belongs to his wealthy parents. In addition to that, they also pay all of his bills as well as provide him a $500 allowance per week.

However, after a series of arguments between Faiz Siddiqui and his parents, they were about to cut off all of the allowances so that the man decided to file a sue case against his own parents. 

Meanwhile, in the US, a 3-year-old man is sued by his parents for refusing to leave the house

According to the lawyer of the parents, the old couple admitted that they cannot handle their stubborn and demanding son anymore that they came to the decision of cutting the financial support. The case was rejected by the family court judge but Faiz Siddiqui has yet to give up. He is about to make it to the Court of Appeal and is ambitious of making an impact on the parent right in the UK also. 

Interestingly, Faiz Siddiqui once made headlines in 2018 in another ridiculous sue case. The man sued his university Oxford for not providing him adequate teaching and asked for a $1.4 million of expense. Obviously, the case was rejected by the judge.

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