Notorious Beggar Who Travels The World To Beg For Money Then Spare It On Parties

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 12, 2021

The scammer uses his abnormal huge leg to evoke sympathy from passers in many countries then spends all of his money on night parties with girls.

Over the past years, the curious case of an infamous German beggar called Benjamin Holst has taken the world by storm. Being well-known as the party beggar, the man is accused of disguising a poor beggar asking for money on the streets of many countries and spending it on night parties with ladies across Asia.

Benjamin Holst is a no.1 renewed vagabond in the world. Taking the advantage of his unusual large leg caused by a syndrome called microdystrophin lipomatosa, he traveled from country to country as a beggar and received a lot of money, especially in South East Asia.

Benjamin Holst Party Beggar
Benjamin Holst aka the 'party beggar' is asking for money on the street but then spend it on night parties 

His ‘career’ started in 2014 in Thailand when he was around 30. In the role of a poor disabled foreigner, he gained the sympathy of many people and raised a huge amount of money of approximately $1,500.
Instead of saving it, Holst kept working as a beggar in the daytime but went to parties at night. He drank like a fish and made up with ‘night ladies. Life was like heaven to the scammer until he was caught on by the authority and was deported from the country.

Benjamin Holst Party Beggar 1
The scammer uses his abnormal huge leg to evoke sympathy from passers

He continued to keep on a low profile and sought out new markets. The man traveled around many countries in the world from Spain, Denmark, Denmark, Netherland, Hongkong, China, and Indonesia. However, it becomes harder for the party beggar to continue his tricks as his disrepute has been well heard by netizens. In fact, he became an internet sensation and made headlines on international news agencies.

Benjamin Holst
He spends the donated money on parties and girls

After being deported from Indonesia, the man was last seen begging in Vietnam and some other South East Asia countries. Be careful if you notice him on the street as the scammer is not as miserable and poor as he looks.

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