Wearing Or Not Wearing Mask? Check The Best Face Printed Masks From Kerala & Gujarat

Hanima Anand |May 29, 2020

People all over the country are rushing to find nearby shops for a customized printed mask with their face on it. But not all masks look exactly like the owners. See the best here!

As India is trying to normalize activities during the coronavirus pandemic, wearing mask is a must for anyone who goes out. A trendsetter in Kerala has made printed masks customized for each person’s face and it quickly goes viral on the Internet.

Face Printed Masks In India
The introduction of faceprint mask has stormed Indian social media.

Now, all printing shops are following the trend but not acquire the same success.

Printed Mask With Face
Despite printing his own image, the colour of the mask doesn't match with his face.

A businessman named Binesh G Paul in Kottayam sells these printed masks for 60 rupees each. You will only need to spend 15 minutes inside his shop then everything is done.

You walk out, and no one can realize whether you are wearing or not wearing mask.

Face Printed Masks In India 3
People are rushing to order their own personalized printed masks.

Another photographer in Gujarat tuned in and his customized face masks are genius. They look almost exactly the same as owners. The printing on masks blend with the other half of their face perfectly.

Face Printed Masks India
This photographer (left) wants to make the most real printed masks.

If you see these men on the road, you can hardly know they are actually wearing printed masks.

Face Printed Masks In India 2
The mask blends perfectly with the upper part of his face.

Other shops even take these into another level by printing faces of Bollywood stars or anime characters. This creativity makes the lockdown less boring while encouraging young people to think out of the box!

Face Printed Masks In India 4
Faces of Bollywood stars and famous cricketers are now very hot items.

Are you proud of these customized face printed masks made in India? Share the post and spread positive news to your friends and family!

Face Printed Masks
Not just in India, other countries also offer the same concept.

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