Ways Indian People Upset The Government In Attempt To Curb Coronavirus Spread

Hanima Anand |Mar 23, 2020

Indian people are creative, no doubt, but sometimes their shocking creativities may endanger their own lives. In this case, they are finding ways to break the government’s attempts to stop the coronavirus.

Some people are praised for their bravery and creativity when going against the norm to do something different, while some others would die for their uniqueness. Well, we are talking about how Indian citizens are dealing with the government’s policies to stop the coronavirus spread, in their very unique way.

Let’s see whether you can agree with these one-off solutions or not.

Traveling large crowd atop buses during the cancellation of trains

Believe it or not, these people fear nothing and continue to gather in large crowds to travel on top of buses. This is due to the government’s order to cancel all trains for social distancing purposes.

To cope with the situation, Patna commuters have found their own trains now.

Crowds Travelling By Bus
When the bus turns into a train, with no less risks of spreading the Sars-coV 2. Photo credit: ANI Twitter

Some netizens show their disappointment towards the action and suggest the government introduce Population Control bill instead.

Crowd Travelling On Top Of Buses
Looking on the bright side, most of them wear masks. Photo credit: ANI Twitter

Gathering to cheer emergency workers during the lockdown

When Mumbai goes under the lockdown situation, a lot of emergency personnel and workers are still working to stop the outbreak. To show appreciation towards these people, a lot of Mumbai citizens have gathered on building balconies to cheer them up.

People Clap And Cheer On Balconies
It would be a perfect patriotic action if each cheered from home.

But the sad fact is the main purpose of lockdown is to limit gatherings as well as encourage people to stay in their home to avoid contact.

As you can see in the photo, only a few people wear face masks to protect themselves and others. What if a person here is already infected?

Cow Urine Party In India
These men not only drink cow urine despite experts' warning, they hold Party to do it!

There are many more people out there who are going against advice from medical experts in preventing the deadly virus. Not long ago, groups of Hindi people drank cow urine to ensure them against the infection.

Or another example of baby doll Kanika Kapoor who thew a party for over 100 people instead of self-quarantine?

Kanika Kapoor Party
Yes, this singer threw a big party before testing positive with Covid-19.

What should you do to curb the coronavirus spread?

We all know people should stay inside their house and limit contact with others to reduce the possibility of infecting the virus. However, not all of us can brainstorm what we can do to kill the time during the lockdown.

Understanding so, Starbiz.com suggest here some activities you can do at home in this period.

Deepika Padukone quarantine
Learn from Deepika Padukone's list of activities during the lockdown!

For more information on coronavirus updates or prevention methods, please visit our Tag page at Coronavirus for useful posts. Starbiz also updates latest cases confirmed positive with coronavirus in India and in the world on our homepage daily. Check it!

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