6 Years In Jail For Those Who Cancel Their Food Delivery Order In The Phillippines

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 25, 2020

There is also a penalty of six-month imprisonment for those who demean, humiliate and embarrass drivers.

In the Philippines as well as many other countries, food delivery orders have become the new norm amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With delivery orders soaring in number, instances of unscrupulous cancellations have gone up sharply. Many people share the same view that irresponsible practice like this deserves more than just criticism since it could possibly put divers at unexpected risks.

Food Delivery
Food Delivery service is becoming more popular after the lockdown

In an effort to tackle the problem, a lawmaker in the Philippines has proposed a bill called “the Food and Grocery Delivery Services Act” to the House of Representatives. The bill filed by AKO Bicol’s member Alfredo Garbin seeks to penalize people who don’t show up or cancel the orders at the last minute. So far, the bill has been the most significant move in response to the neglectful behaviors among customers.

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According to what the bill proposes, paid orders that are already on delivery or in transit to the shoppers are no longer unavailable for cancellation.

If the bill is able to sail through the house of Representatives, any no-shows or last-minute cancellations could land shoppers in prison. Specifically, customers would possibly have to pay a fine of 100,000 Philippine pesos (about Rs 1,5 Lakh) and even get a minimum of 6-year jail term. Not just that, reimbursement for the paid-in-advance items could also be required. Under the act, anyone found guilty could have to pay twice as much for the delivery company.

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Food Delivery 2
In the Philippines, customers who cancel food delivery orders can face at least 6 years in jail if the newly-proposed bill becomes law.

The penalty will not be applied for customers who have to wait more than an hour or have paid for the items in advance. However, “Pranking” orders don’t fall outside the scope of the bill and there is also a penalty of six-month imprisonment for those who demean, humiliate and embarrass drivers.

The proposed bill is expected to decrease the number of delivery order cancellation since customers could only legally cancel their order in certain cases.

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