French Worker Sues His Boss For Giving Him Boring Job, Wins Rs 34 Lakh

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 20, 2020

Apart from suffering from depression, the French worker also feel ashamed of earning money from his boring job!

France-based employee Frédéric Desnard has filed a complaint against his former company for the dull job they gave him. According to Desnard, his job was extremely monotonous and he even referred to the whole experience as a ‘descent into hell’. The 44-year-old Frenchman claimed that all the petty tasks assigned by the company made him bored out of his mind that he decided to files a lawsuit over boring job.

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Frédéric Desnard, a French worker filed a lawsuit over boring job he was given in his previous company

Frédéric Desnard was the former employee of a luxury perfume company in France before it eventually made him redundant in 2014. To describe his managerial job at the former company, Desnard used the word “burnout", but in a less interesting way. He then decided to take his former employers to the tribunal for having caused him serious mental problems.

The incident described by Desnard took place from 2010 to 2014. During that 4-year time, the company allegedly gave Desnard little work, mainly menial tasks.
In his words, the job only revolved around menial tasks like setting up CEO's tablets or calling a plumber for the boss’ house. Instead of using the term “burnout", “bore out" might be the best word option to describe what this Frenchman has suffered.

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frenchman lawsuit over boring job 2
He suffered from mental issue and depression during 4 years working the tedious job

In a conversation with the press, Desnard claimed that what his former company Interparfums designated to him bore no relevance to his job. This has allegedly “destroyed" him and led to “serious depression". The man even felt ashamed of earning money from this kind of job.

He also assumed that this job has triggered an epileptic fit, getting him into a car accident in 2014. With this unprecedented verdict, Desnard is seeking a compensation of $45,000 for the damages he has absorbed. On the side of Interparfums, the company made its defense by stating that Desnard had never mentioned anything relating to boredom during his entire time with the firm.

The case finally came to an end in 2015 when the court-ordered Desnard to pay €1,000 for defamation.

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