Mexican Man Risks His Life To Perform CPR To Grandmother Who Contracts Covid-19

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 19, 2020

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the number of confirmed cases is 165,455 and there are more than 19K people died of the novel virus.

As the fatal coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on many countries, more and more people have to say goodbye to their loved ones much sooner. A Mexican man has recently gone through a heartbreaking moment when trying to save his grandmother, who had the symptoms of COVID 19.

The photos showing a man performs CPR on his grandmother despite the risk of COVID 19 infection has recently gone viral on the net. Although he had tried his best to revive her by administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, his grandma passed away. As reported, the tragic incident happened on June 8 at the parking lot of a hospital in Mexico City. 

Mexican man grandmother coronavirus 1
The Mexican man tried to perform CPR to his grandmother although she showed symptoms of Covid-19

Since the grandmother in the photos had been presenting COVID-19-like symptoms, her family decided to take her to the hospital for medical help. The reports indicated that the old lady had breathing problems that morning and was expecting medical attention while staying in the car.

That moment was also when her symptoms became severe and she was there alone. Noticing that something was happening, her grandson rushed back to the vehicle.

Mexican man grandmother coronavirus 2
His family took the ill grandma to the hospital but it was way too late

 As soon as he became aware of his grandma’s unconscious condition, the man immediately performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. As shown in the photos, without minding his own safety, the man tried his best to save his loved one from death.

Other family members soon arrived and tried in vain to get a response from her. Unfortunately, there was no vital sign left.

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Mexican man grandmother coronavirus 3
The Mexican man looks desperate and miserable as he was unable to save his grandma

The Doctors showed up a moment later to examine the old lady. They eventually confirmed her death as her pulse was no longer palpable. As hard as it is to endure such antagonizing pain, the grandson miserably embraces her while mourning for his loved grandma’s death.

According to the results of the Post-mortem diagnostic tests, the old lady was positive for the coronavirus. Until now, whether his grandson has contracted the virus or not still remains unknown.

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Mexican man grandmother coronavirus 4
Medical staff later arrived and confirmed that she had died

The heartbreaking story went viral on the internet as everyone is impressed with how the young man risks his life to save his grandma although she is contracted with the novel virus. His expression when finding she is distressing which reminds us of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the number of confirmed cases is 165,455 and there are more than 19K people died of the novel virus. Check out coronavirus updates around the world:

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