Top 10 Women Who Own The Longest Legs In The World

Hanima Anand |Oct 07, 2020

The Guinness World Records just has a new pair of longest legs in the world. The owner is a 17-year-old girl from Texas, US. See other 9 women who flaunt their endless legs as well!

Height is an important measurement and parents always try to help their kids reach their maximum height during teenage. However, some efforts return unexpected results, far more than initial expectations. Here are the top 10 typical cases when people happen to own the longest legs in the world.

The Longest Legs In The World
Russia and the USA are having the most astounding legs in the record.

1 – Maci Currin (134.3 cm)

Maci Currin is officially the longest legs in the world. She was just announced by Gunness World Record yesterday for breaking the record title with her 134-cm-long legs and 6 ft 11 in total height. In fact, her left leg is a bit longer than the right one which are 135.3 cm and 134.3 cm respectively.

Maci Currin shares that she wants to register for this record to inspire people all over the world that they should embrace their physical attributes.

Longest Legs In The World 1
Maci looks like a giant when taking photos from this angle.

Though owning the longest legs in the world causes Maci some troubles in daily activities such as getting in cars or buying clothes, the teenager is confident with her height. She is glad that it gives her a lot of advantages in return like playing volleyball or gaining more recognition on social platforms.

2 – Ekaterina Lisina (132.6 cm)

Ekaterina Lisina is a Russian model and basketball player. Like Maci Currin, Ekaterina soon realized the merits of having such noticeable height so she didn’t have difficulties in choosing her career. More specially, all Ekaterina family members are extraordinarily tall compared to normal people. Her parents and brother are all over 6 feet tall.

Longest Legs In The World 2
Ekaterina Lisina is very famous on social media for her toned legs.

This girl was born in 1987 and has a total height of 6 feet 9 inches.

3 – Svetlana Pankratova (131.8 cm)

Russian descendants are often blessed with glowing complexion and height. Svetlana is another example other than Ekaterina. The 49-year-old woman was born in Russia before moving to Spain then USA to play for a female basketball team in Virginia.

Longest Legs In The World 3
Svetlana Pankratova alongside He Pingping in London in 2009.

Svetlana’s total height is 6 feet 5 inches while her legs are 51.9 inches. She used to attend the 2009 Guinness World Record day along with He Pingping, the smallest man in the world to promote the organization.

4 – Caroline Arthur (130.8 cm)

Unlike other women in this list of longest legs in the world, Caroline met some difficulties in pursuing her modelling career in Australia. The fact is her leggy figure is too tall for modelling standards in her country and designers also find it hard to arrange clothes that suit her.

Longest Legs In The World 4
Caroline Authur is one of the most sought after models in Australia for her height.

However, those are minor cases. Most of the time, this 43-year-old woman enjoys her life as one of the tallest models in the world.

5 – Chase Kennedy (129.5 cm)

Chase Kennedy was born in California in 1993. She used to be the longest legs in the US before Maci Currin. This 27-year-old girl is 6 feet 5 inch tall, working in the modeling industry.

Longest Legs In The World 5
Chase Kennedy was the longest legs in the US prior to October, 2020.

When she was a child, she used to be teased by her friends for her unusual height. Gradually, Chase Kennedy learns to embrace her appearance. The girl officially registers for Guinness World Records to get rid of her insecurity about her physical attributes.

6 – Adriana Karembeu (125.7 cm)

Adriana Karembeu was born in Slovakia in 1971 but then moved to France for higher education and more job opportunities. Adriana found her modeling career in Paris where she were offered contracts with Victoria’s Secret and many famous shows.

Longest Legs In The World 6
Thanks to her long legs, Adriana Karembeu had chances to work with privileged brands in France.

Adriana Karembeu got married to a French football player at the age of 27.

7 – Holly Burt (125.7 cm)

Holly Burt is 26 years old in 2020, reaching a total height of 6 feet 5 inches. Despite being bullied by her friends in the school days who called her ‘Tree’ or ‘Daddy long legs,’ Holly took advantage of her physique to get a place in the US modeling industry.

Longest Legs In The World 7
This happens whenever Holly Burt appears on New York street.

She often has troubles when going shopping but she is fond of the attention she gets for one of the longest pair of legs in the world.

8 – Lauren Williams (124.5 cm)

Also working as a model in the United States is Lauren Williams, owner of 49-inch legs. Lauren was born in 1988 in Texas. Prior to her modeling career, Lauren didn’t know her long legs would turn out to be such a big deal but the girl was never shy away from flaunting her legs.

Longest Legs In The World 8
How would you feel if having such a friend as Laurence William?

Apart from some problems finding clothes or getting fit in small cars, Lauren was always excited about her unique physical attribute.

9 – Dji Dieng (123 cm)

Born in 1985 in Senegal, Dji was often teased by surrounding people for her astounding height and legs. They called her ‘Giraffe’, which makes the girl insecure about her look.

After travelling across the world to find her a suitable location, Dji Dieng was finally employed as a professional model in Paris, France. See how confident she is now!

Longest Legs In The World 9
Dji Dieng is never hesitant to do eccentric photoshoots.

10 – Alexandra Robertson (119.4 cm)

The last name in the longest legs in the world list is a representative from United Kingdom. Her name is Alexandra Robertson, 26 years old.

Longest Legs In The World 10
Alexandra is the pride of the UK modeling industry.

Unlike many people in this list, Alexandra soon realized her advantages when having a long pair of legs. When a Russian woman with 42-inch legs gained the record of Miss Longest Legs in the country, Alexandra knew she could do more than that.

Alexandra Robertson started her modeling career when she was 18 years old. The girl also has a bachelor degree in Musical Treatre besides her job in the entertainment industry.

Above is the list of top 10 longest legs in the world. Do you know anyone who owns longer legs than these but haven’t been listed in the record book? If yes, please urge them to register with Guinness World Records official website to earn a title!

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