Two Babies In Philippines Were Switched At Birth, Divine Intervention Guided Them Home

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 06, 2021

The two lucky babies were lucky to be sent back to their own homes after God led their parents to find the truth. Keep scrolling down for more details of the story.

After a Filipino family discovered that the baby they brought home was not their own child, they prayed to God to guide them and help them find their biological son. It turns out that the hospital mistook their kid and switched him with another one. Fortunately, the two lucky babies were sent back to their own homes after God led them to find the truth. Keep scrolling down for the inspirational story.

Switched Babies Rizal Philippines 1
The two babies in the Philippines were sent to the wrong parents but they are lucky to find their way back home

Two babies were switched at birth

Marvin and April Sifiata were expecting their first child who was a baby boy. They went to the nearby local hospital where the mother gave birth to the baby in the happiness and blessing of the entire family. However, the happiness was soon replaced by doubts and concern as the family soon realized the baby they took from the hospital wasn’t their child.

Aphril’s aunt was the first one who found out the thunderstruck fact about the newborn baby as he looks different from the photo they took at birth. The middle-age woman believed that God has chosen her to be the one who can discover the truth as she is the one to take the very first photo of the baby.

In addition to that, the family soon realized that the name tag which is attached to the baby's foot is also different. They did a DNA test on the child and it was not a surprise when the result showed negative.

Baby Switch
The name tag on his foot is different

The devastated family immediately reached out to the hospital to find out what happened with their own child. However, as the hospital didn’t respond, they sought help from the local television show to find their missing child. Fortunately, God guided them to find the other family with whom their baby is living with.

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Divine intervention guides them home

Meanwhile, in the same city, Kim Jasper and Margareth Mulleno are also saddened to know that their baby was switched at birth. There were suggested by many people to take a DNA test and get the same result as Sifiata, negative.

The search for the right baby of the two families took more than a month and they were finally succeeded in getting their child back. Talking to the local news agency, one of the fathers thanked everyone for supporting them in the long journey. He also thanked the Lord and God for answering their praying.

“First and foremost, to the Lord because He answered all our prayers… [and] to everyone God used to help us retrieve our baby back,” said Marvin Sifiata.

Baby Switch Family
Te Fiatafa family can finally find their right son after one month searching

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