Baby Born Deaf Got Emotional Hearing Her Parents For The First Time

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 02, 2021

A baby called Charly was born deaf and only get her first hearing aid when she was 3-month old, her priceless reaction when hearing the first sound is unforgettable. Scroll down for the video!

Being the little ray of hope for his parents, Charli Archer, however, was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth which is heart-breaking news to the entire family. It was a big disadvantage for the baby to grow up without hearing the sounds of the surrounding environment as well as the voice of his family.

Baby Hears Mother First Time
A baby called Charly was born deaf and only get her first hearing aid when she was 3-month old

However, Charli didn’t have to wait for long as when she was 3-month old, his parents got her a hearing aid which helps the baby to hear. It was a small struggle for the parents and doctor to put the aid on his tiny ear. However, the moment when little Charli heard her parents for the first time with the hearing aid was heart-melting. Check out the video right below and try not to shade a tear!

Imagine how unlucky it is to be born with hearing loss. She cannot hear the sound of a barking dog, of a singing bird, cannot groove into a funny song or hear the voice of his beloved parents and sisters. The good news, however, is that Charli is only suffering from mild hearing loss which means the little baby can use a small hearing aid.

Right at the moment when she hears the sound of her mother saying “I love you”, the 3-month-old baby got touched and emotional that she responded in her own language. Not only Charly but her mother tried to hold back her tears. That was a beautiful moment that the family would like to treasure forever.

Charly Baby
She is now a happy and well-educated kid who can use language naturally just like normal kids

The story happened in 2017 and little Charly is 3-year-old now. According to Charly’s family, the baby has been growing up normally and doing great with her language skills just like normal children. Thanks to the special device implanted into her ear called Cochlear Implant, Charli as well as many other born deaf babies are enjoying their lives with love and miracle!

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