When Aunt Turns Biological Mom, Woman Decides To Become A Surrogate To Help Her Brother Make His Dream Come True

Leela Adwani |Mar 03, 2021

The couple started losing their hope as it was too hard to find a suitable surrogate. But his sister finally helped them to carry the baby.

A sister helped her gay brother become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate. Anthony Deegan and Ray Williams who already engaged were floating on air when Anthony’s sister Tracey Hulse agreed to make his dream come true. Tracey (42) finally put a happy ending to the year-long search of her brother for a surrogate.

The baby, her fathers, and her biological mother a.k.a her aunt

The journey of seeking a baby of a gay couple

The couple even had received a loan for using two blind egg donors. In fact, both of them had donated their s.p.e.r.m but neither of them decided who will become the biological father of the baby.

Talking about the relationship between Anthony and Tracey, they are so close like the best friend of each other. Anthony even walked her down the aisle in her wedding ceremony as their father wasn’t able to attend.

Sister And Her Brothers
The couple allowed Anthony's sister to carry their baby after two times she had offered before.

The brother is the owner of a Subway franchise where Tracey is taking the position of an area manager.

Tracey revealed the reason why she decided to help her brother and his fiancé. The pair have spent one year seeking a biological mother for their child. However, the couple started losing their hope as it was too hard to find a suitable surrogate.

The woman added that she had said about this idea two times before but both of them laughed it off. However, until the third time, when she talked about it with a serious attitude and also when they were losing their hope, they accepted Tracey as a surrogate.

The reactions of her husband

Many people will wonder how Tracey’s husband would react when she becomes the biological mom of her niece/nephew.

The Couple Finally Has A Child
The newborn baby with fathers.

At first, her husband thought she was not suitable as he was afraid of her age. However, she claimed that it was such an honor when her brother and his fiancé trusted her to carry their baby.

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