Tired Of Daily Fight, Mumbai Daughter-In-Law Strangulated Elderly Woman To Death

Hanima Anand |Jul 17, 2020

The two had a fight as the old lady hid money somewhere in the house and asked the young for it. The daughter-in-law then hit the elderly with a cricket bat and strangulated her to death.

Conflicts between mother and daughter-in-law seem to have no end, regardless of time or society. However, while some choose remaining silent to make the house peaceful, others can’t control their anger and commit serious crimes, like the case of this Mumbai daughter-in-law.

Indian Mother And Daughter In Law 1
It's not easy to maintain a peaceful relationship between Indian traditional mother and daughter-in-law.

A 70-year-old woman was hospitalized in serious injuries on Monday. Her daughter-in-law said that the elderly fell in the bathroom but Tilak Nagar police didn’t think so. They decided to investigate the case and finally found out the truth.

Anjana Dinesh Patil, 32 years old, is the daughter-in-law of Sajana Patil who was declared dead at the hospital. Sajana Patil had an adopted son, who is the husband of Anjana.

After being arrested, Anjana didn’t confess her crimes, though police officials have found gold ornaments of the deceased in Anjana’s innerwear.

Indian Mother And Daughter In Law 2
Materials are what drive many families to tragedy after marriage.

A daughter of Anjana helped police to get a glimpse of the story. She told that her mother (Anjana) and her grandmother (Sajana) had a fight on Monday morning. She thought they argued over some money as the grandmother hid money somewhere around the house then asked Anjana for it. Too angry with the elderly and annoyed by daily fight, Anjana took a cricket bat and hit the elderly several times.

Sajana didn’t die from the first injuries though. Anjana continued to take a string from the mother-in-law to strangulate her. After the string broke, she continued to use mobile charger until the old woman stopped breathing.

After that, the cruel daughter-in-law called her neighbours, saying the elder fell in the bathroom, and transported her to the Rajawadi hospital. However, the old woman already died at that time.

Indian Mother And Daughter In Law 3
Despite owning 4 flats in Mumbai, the old woman used to beg outside a temple.

Further interrogation revealed that Sajana Patil and her husband didn’t have kids, so they adopted their brother’s son as their only child. The husband died several years ago.

Sajana owned up to 4 flats in Worli and Chembur. However, she used to beg outside a Jain temple in Ghatkopar to earn money. Reasoning why Anjana killed her mother-in-law, she said she was tired of daily fight and wanted the flats to be transferred in the name of her and her husband.

Some final words from Starbiz team to those women who are currently in conflicts with your in-laws. One day, you will probably become mothers-in-law of someone and your daughter will soon become the daughter-in-laws of others. How do you expect them to treat you or your family members?

Please use your kindness to make people melt. Otherwise, just keep calm and respect our differences in lifestyle.

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