Not Allowed To Marry Boyfriend, 18-Year-Old Daughter With Mother End Life In Front Of Moving Train

Hanima Anand |Mar 05, 2021

The father of the girl didn’t approve of her relationship with her boyfriend. To protest against this, both the mother and daughter decided to end life by jumping in front of a moving train.

Mother-daughter end life after being rejected

The unfortunate incident took place in Kanpur India where people were familiar with arranged marriages. The mother-daughter duo jumped in front of a speeding train to end their life. After being hit by the fast-moving train, both bodies were crashed into pieces.

According to reports, the two deceased were Rajrani (47 years old) and Puja (18 years old). Puja was the daughter of Rajrani and Nanbudh. They lived in Elai village, Fatehpur district, Kanpur.

Fast Moving Train India
The mother and daughter didn't hesitate for one second, jumped in front of the approaching train.

When they reached the rails, both the mother and daughter immediately jumped in front of a fast-moving goods train. The two deceased were then taken away by the local police for autopsy.

No suicide note has been found, so the authorities were questioning Rajrani’s family members about the underlying reason for her extreme actions.

It turned out her husband Nanbudh didn’t allow their daughter to marry a man who frequented their house. Disappointment and desperation might lead to the extreme step of the mother-daughter duo.

However, this was just a preliminary investigation. Further details would be announced after the autopsy report.

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Indian Bride In Wedding
Young people in India are inclining towards a free-choice marriage over an arranged one by family.

Arranged marriage in India

In fact, people in India are familiar with arranged marriages. The circumstance of Rajrani and Puja who were willing to end life for a free-choice marriage was not common in the past.

According to a survey by IPSOS in 2013, around 74% of Indian young people aged 18 to 35 years old prefer an arranged marriage to a free-choice one.

However, recent years in India witnessed a surge in court marriages or even interfaith weddings. This is when the old and new social norms meet and young individuals may take extreme steps to fight for their freedom of love.

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