Mumbai Woman Kills Husband For Being Jobless During Lockdown

Ankita Chetana |May 22, 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has affected many Indian's jobs and their life. Perhaps because of this vulnerable time, a woman in Mumbai murdered her husband for having no jobs during this period. Deets inside!

The incident happened on May 18 when a 29-year-old man Arun Maurya vomited blood. He was a technician working at a Goregaon factory and was jobless due to the coronavirus lockdown. His wife Kavita later asked for help from neighbors and he was admitted to hospital but died after that.

accidental death of a man in Mumbai
A 22-year-old woman was arrested for murdering her husband

As per a report, the 22-year-old Boisar woman (Kavita) was caught in jail for the murder. She decided to kill her husband (Arun Maurya) as he had no jobs to do amidst the harsh time of the coronavirus lockdown. Before, she had tortured Arun severely for being idle and even allegedly finger his extra-marital affairs.

Kavita's words and accusations were recorded by Arun's phone which he put on the window on May 14. From that day, all of her attacks including the incident on Arun's death date were kept in the videos on his phone.

Woman Arrested For Killing Husband
Kavita was caught after the police found evidence of her assaults on her husband

When being accused of murder, Kavita changed her words and lied Boisar MIDC police that Arun was not fine during such days, turning the case into an accident. Nonetheless, the autopsy proved that the victim was dead because of abdominal injuries.

Since then, the police checked the victim's phone and found some videos showing her violence on him from May 14.

Mumbai Woman Kills Husband For Being Jobless
Mumbai woman kills husband for his joblessness

Last month, another case in Delhi was reported when a woman, 30, and her side-lover were arrested for murdering her husband. For the first time, the woman tried to turn off the suspicion towards her and her lover and told a lie that her husband died of COVID-19. But her neighbors alerted the police as they knew clearly about her case.

The 2-month coronavirus lockdown has been resulting in job losses to many people. While the number is warned to increase more, we hope that everyone could acknowledge the general situation and share together instead of domestic debates.


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