Aurangabad Mother Married 3 More Times In 3 Months While Not Divorcing Her Husband, Here's The Reason!

Hanima Anand |Nov 03, 2020

The once-in-a-blue-moon story of this Aurangabad woman forces you to be careful with every girl who steps into your life later. Read why she got married so many times!

Last Saturday, a 27-year-old Aurangabad woman was arrested when her story was unfolded by one of her victims. Her name is Vijaya Amrute, residing in Mukundwadi. She is a married woman and mother to a son before duping several men in different places.

Wedding In India
Three weddings in three months, there's a sad reason behind this woman's story!

According to the local police, Vijaya Amrute and her husband became unemployed due to the economic crisis in the pandemic. When running out of cash to raise their son and sustain their daily life, Vijaya decided to join the racket of cheating men for money.

To be specific, Vijaya lured men to marry her. After their marriage, she would run away with their valuables.

The first victim of Vijaya Amrute is a man named Yogesh Shirsath. She took all the ornaments and disappeared just a fortnight after their marriage.

Indian Woman In Wedding
Exploiting her victims' gullibility, Amrute run away with all ornaments and valuables post wedding.

In the following month, Vijaya got married to a resident of Raogad’s Karjat called Sandeep Darade. After running away with all his valuables just weeks after the wedding, the woman continued to dupe another man in Maharashtra with the same trick.

It’s not until her first victim Shirsath traced his fake wife that he knew another man was duped. He decided to file a complaint against Vijaya Amrute to the police.

The authority finally arrested the criminal on Saturday.

Job Crisis In Coronavirus Pandemic
It's the pandemic that deprives people of jobs, pushing many to crimes.

The incident came as a shock to countless men in India who might not know the exact origin of their wife-to-be. It’s also an alarm to all people to be extra careful with a hush-hush wedding like this.

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