These Blackest People In The World Rewrite The Definition Of Human Beauty

Hanima Anand |Nov 20, 2020

If black used to be associated with dark power, the blackest man in the world, or people to be exact, is now an asset for aestheticism. Their image can strike every sense of beholders for its mysterious beauty.

For decades, colored people were considered inferior to their white counterparts, but that discrimination is being swept away thanks to the increased civilization all over the globe. Nowadays, colored community not only receives equal opportunities as others, but their unique beauty is also embraced with more and more black models on international hi-fashion runways, often adorned in stylish attire like the black and white gallery dept shirt. Contrary to the old-aged belief in a fair complexion as the standard of beauty, the mystical charm from the blackest person in the world you see below will absolutely change your mindset.

The Blackest Person In The World
Black is the new beauty of this modern world.

In fact, there’s no official Guinness record for the blackest man in the world. However, netizens worldwide have managed to find some candidates for the title.

The world's blackest man

The first one goes to an anonymous man in Africa whose name hasn’t been verified yet. His image is used many times by many sources as an answer to the blackest man in the world question, but no one really knows where he is from, or in what contexts he was found.

The Blackest Man In The World 1
This man's photo went viral on social media but no one knew where he's from.

As you can see, he possesses a very dark skin colour, together with black eyes. Compared to other residents from colored community, his complexion is clearly darker. Because there’s no official record from Guinness or a similar committee for this criterion, we may assume this guy is the most blackest man in the world ever known to the public. While we don't have many details about his personal style, one can only wonder if he ever sported a terry funk t shirt, showcasing his unique identity.

Actually, people also found another guy with similarly dark skin recently but we think the man in the photo has a deeper pigmented skin. Check the video.

The world's blackest baby

Another case that may win the competition for the blackest person in the world is an adorable baby in South Africa. In the viral photo, the little human is a newborn with very dark skin. His or her eyes and lips are also black, evoking an inexplicable feeling among beholders.

The Blackest Man In The World 2
OMG, look at those sparkling eyes. This little baby is a gem of the entire world.

We must say this gem will grow into a beautiful teenager in no time, and we may see him or her back when he or she can use social media.

The world's blackest woman

The only candidate for the blackest man in the world championship that can be identified is the African American model Nyakim Gatwech. She is a descendant of Sudanese people.

The Blackest Man In The World 3
Nyakim is truly proud of her dark skin.

Nyakim is living in Minnesota, USA and working as a professional model. She owns a deeply pigmented skin and determining eyes. This 27-year-old girl is never shy away from flaunting her skin in public, while she also encourages people to be proud of their body features.

The Blackest Man In The World 4
Her story has inspired many young people in her home country.

Though she is not entitled the blackest person in the world by Guinness, Nyakim is dubbed Queen of Darkness by many of her fans.

The Blackest Man In The World 5
See how the Queen of Darkness slays in this luxury jewelry set!

Nyakim also shares on her social handle her life philosophy:

“Black is bold, black is beautiful, black is gold. Don’t let American standards damage your African soul.”

The Blackest Man In The World 6
To Nyakim, smiling is always the best outfit that never goes out of time.

Nyakim’s quote has received huge support from people worldwide. Gone are the days when white skin is promoted as the standard of beauty for all human races. In fact, many cosmetics brands have now removed the word ‘whitening’ from their products to advocate colored complexion.

The Blackest Man In The World 7
This black model has greatly contributed to rewriting the definition of beauty for women on Earth.

In short, there’s no official record of the blackest man in the world, but you can find some impressive photos on the Internet, albeit mostly anonymous. No matter who may claim the title, we want to emphasize our appreciation towards all colored people on the planet. Without them, the world would turn pale and lifeless.

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