West African Actress Ventured Into Singing, But Criticized For Copying Beyonce And Bad Dancing

Salena Harshini |Mar 15, 2021

Actress Moesha Bodoung ventured into singing and dancing her first-ever song ‘Diva’, inspired by Beyonce. However, fans seem to not like it so much.

A few days ago, the curvaceous actress Moesha Bodoung marker her step into singing as well as her 31st birthday with a special touch. She published her first song Diva, a cover from Beyonce.

Moreover, she included her performance and own voice for it. However, the reactions seem not very fine.

Moesha Bodoung
Moesha Bodoung's dancing and singing video is garnering diverse comments.

Fans criticized and her moves to react

She captioned the video that introduced her to music,

“Diva. Celebrating Life & Growth. My life has been an amazing adventure and such a blessing. I’ve been a crazy ‘Beehive’ fan of Beyoncé my whole life BUT this record, in particular, speaks so loudly to me – A DIVA is a female version of a HUSTLER: What a journey to finally get here. Life and Living it. All the stones that were cast at me, I gathered to build a castle in which I proudly rule today in grace and success. My birthday wish: Tag @beyonce and send some blessings my way.”

However, after she shared the video, the reactions poured in and they were not good. Fans took a dig at her, saying she could not twerk or bend as she had plastic surgery.

Moesha Bodoung 1
She twerked away all the negativity on her dancing.

One commented, “please how many years did you use to practice and perfect those moves😂😂we all know you can’t dance”

Replying to these comments, Moesha Bodoung has shared a video of her twerking in her house. It was her response to those doubters who said she is a loser when it comes to dancing.

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Beyonce is her inspiration

In a talk with ZionFelix, Moesha opened up on her step into music. She said singing art has been her passion since forever. As per the actress, she is a music person and that passion has been present since her secondary years. Moreover, Beyonce, the top singer in Hollywood, motivated her to do this song.

To Moesha, Bee is a diva who is talented and worthy of being emulated.

Sharing in her interview, “Moeyoncé” said she had a big motive to do the remake with her girls. In the video, she donned a revealing black dress and high heels while dancing to the Diva track.

Moesha Dubuong Adores Beyonce
Moesha Bodoung says she adores Beyonce.

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