Pack Your Luggage & Migrate To These Snakeless Countries To Live Worry Free!

Hanima Anand |Jan 18, 2021

It sounds unreal but the fact is these countries are completely absent of native snakes. It’s understandable why some of them are among happiest nations in the world.

Even when many types of snakes do no harm to human beings, these legless reptiles remain the scariest nightmares to lots of people. Unsurprisingly, searches for snakeless countries or questions like which countries don’t have snakes flood the Internet.

For your information, there are about 3,600 species of snakes all over the world but none of them are residing in these 5 places.

1. New Zealand

One of the most worth-living countries in the world, New Zealand records no native snake species throughout its history. In fact, the country is home to several species of lizards, but snakes have never evolved nor populated these islands.

New Zealand
No snakes could ever ruin the beauty of New Zealand in this picture.

In modern time, as the presence of snakes would pose a serious threat to the local wildlife, this animal is vigorously repelled. Having said that, New Zealand does witness sea snakes which swim long distances from South Pacific, Southeast Asia or some other places to the shores of this nation. However, these uninvited guests appear occasionally and does not evolve into land species.

Well, the fact that New Zealand is snake-free might contribute to its admirable ranking in happiness. It is the 8th happiest nation in the world, according to United Nations 2019 reports.

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2. Ireland

Also securing a spot in top 16th happiest countries in the world 2019, residents in Ireland don’t have a chance to behold the beauty of native snakes. Though many people put it down to St. Patrick, scientists have their convincing arguments for this snake-free status.

The slow population of snakes couldn't colonize isolated Ireland.

According to researchers, the island was extremely cold during the most recent ice age 10,000 years ago. This hostile environment was not favorable for any reptiles and even when the weather became warmer, it’s the surrounding seas that deterred snakes from colonizing this region.

3. Iceland

Similar to New Zealand or Ireland, Iceland’s cold weather is not snakes’ favorite. However, there is another reason that makes Iceland a snakeless country.

A breath of Icelandic summer

From the early 1990s, the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority has imposed a total ban on snakes, turtles, and lizards. Before this, a turtle had infected its owner with deadly salmonella, so the ban was to protect human beings against the infections.

4. Greenland

With three-quarters of its entire land covered by the permanent ice sheet, there is no reason why snakes or any reptiles should live here. Greenland is also the least densely populated region among all countries and independent territories in the world due to its extreme weather.

Called Greenland but there's only ice here!

5. Antarctica

No need for explanation, snakes or most of animals could not survive for a few hours in Antarctica. Up to 98% of the continent is covered with ice that is 1.9-km thick.

This place has recorded coldest days at −94.7 °C, being the diest and windiest continent on Earth as well. Some animal species that are native to Antarctica include mites, penguins, nematodes, seals and tardigrades.

You could found these adorable penguins but not snakes in Antarctica.

Hope you don’t have the intention to move to Antarctica to avoid seeing snakes. We highly recommend New Zealand, Ireland or Iceland for your ideal destinations.

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