Top 10 Animals With Craziest Camouflage Ability

Hanima Anand |Jul 14, 2020

Nature is incredible with countless patterns and colours that inspire various human designs. Once again, these top 10 craziest animals with camouflage ability will prove that statement. See the amazing pictures!

Under any circumstance, human being is just a creature on Earth among million forms of lives created by the Mother Nature. No matter how hard we try, we can never keep up with the creativity of the environment, which is proved by these excellent animals with camouflage ability below.

These are just some of creatures having natural camouflage ability but they are the best animal camouflage you would see in your lifetime.

10. Owls

The first candidate in top 10 animals with craziest camouflage abilities is owl. Owls are categorized as birds, not surprisingly as they fly, and include more than 200 species in total.

Animals With Camouflage 1
The perfect background for an owl

Most of owl species have an amazing skill in camouflage that allows them to blend with tree barks. Some distinctive owl species as snowy owl also has the ability to hide in their surroundings without being detected. Take a look at their picture below.

Animals With Camouflage 2
This camouflage from a snow owl is no less mind-boggling.

Owls often hunt for small insects, mammals, birds or even fish. These animals can adapt to a variety of Earth climates, except for the hostile environments as polar ice caps.

9. Dead Leaf Butterfly

Dead leaf butterfly is also known as Indian oakleaf or Kallima inachus as their scientific name. The reason why they are called dead leaf butterflies is when they close their wings, they look exactly like a dead leaf.

Animals With Camouflage 3
This butterfly is named after its lookalike, a dead leaf.

Though people can still realize them against the green background, hardly is there anyone who can detect this excellent animal camouflage on the ground full of dry leaves.

8. Wobbegong Shark

Wobbegong or carpet shark is the next name of best animals with camouflage ability. As its other name suggests, this marine animal often swims low or rests on the sea floor, resembling a carpet on the ground.

Animals With Camouflage 4
Can you spot the wobbegong shark blending in the coral reef?

The Wobbegong is special thanks to its body colours and characteristics which contain bold markings and small weed-like whisker lobes around its jaw. This type of carpet shark often lurks among the rocks to trap small fish.

7. Underwing Moth

Underwing moth, a group of over 250 species, is called Catocala by scientists. The underwing moth is renowned for its bright hindwings which are hidden under its plain forewings. When the moth rests on a tree branch, it can match well with the background.

Animals With Camouflage 5
The spot-the-difference quiz is more challenging now.

However, if it smells danger, this moth will suddenly flash its colorful hindwings and frighten the predators to allow its escape.

6. Orchid Mantis

This skillful animal with camouflage is also known as walking flower mantis for its incredible appearance which resembles an orchid flower.

Animals With Camouflage 6
The beautiful creature blends perfectly with the flowers.

Orchid mantis often has bright colour, standing still on the leaves or petals to wait for its prey. This species will shape their body to camouflage as well with its four legs similar to flower petals. Without looking close, even human eyes can’t distinguish an orchid mantis from the nearby flowers.

Animals With Camouflage 7
Even the human eyes could be tricked by this marvelous predator.

5. Reef Stonefish

Among all the animals with camouflage in this list, reef stonefish is the most dangerous one. This fish species is commonly found in shallow waters and has extremely effective venom which is lethal to human.

Animals With Camouflage 9
It seems this fish has lived through several centuries.

Reef stonefish can disguise itself in the coral reef, looking exactly like a moss-covered stone instead of an alive animal. This makes them more dangerous given its deadly venom.

Animals With Camouflage 8
Guess how many fishes are there in this picture!

4. Katydids

Katydids, or bush crickets rank number 4 in this list of best animal camouflage. Unlike dead leaf butterfly whose colours are fixed, katydids can mimic the shapes and colour of a random leaf, which allows them to blend in easily in the bush.

Animals With Camouflage 10
It can mimic the dead leaf in every inch on its wing.
Animals With Camouflage 11
Or a green leaf with holes left by catepillars.

3. Mimic Octopus

Mimic octopus is native to Indo-Pacific region. This species is very special with its master skill to elude predators by mimicking other animals.

Animals With Camouflage 12
The animal has changed its skin color to hide in the rock.

Mimic octopus uses its chromatophores to blend it with the background. It can change its colour and is very flexible in shape.

2. Chameleon

Most animals with high ranking in this list of best animals with camouflage abilities can actively change their colour to match with the surrounding.

Animals With Camouflage 13
Watch out! The chameleon is looking at you guys!

Chameleons are found in warm climates with a wide range of terrains. For example, they can live in rain forests or in desert. Chameleons are also kept as pets in many households.

1. Leaf-Tail Gecko

Here comes the champion of our competition for amazing animals with camouflage, the leaf-tail gecko.

Animals With Camouflage 14
This twisted leaf is a master of camouflage.

Classified as nocturnal and insectivorous lizards, leaf-tail gecko live exclusively in primary and secondary forest. Leaf-tail gecko has two forms of camouflage: leaf form or bark form. When this species rests on a tree, no one could detect it even at a short distance.

Animals With Camouflage 15
Is there anyone here seeing my gecko?

For vivid illustration of these best animals with camouflage abilities, check this video below!

Do you agree with this ranking of top 10 animals with camouflage ability? Is there any creature you want to add in the list?

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