BBC Earth Released Top 10 Natural History Moments – You Won’t Believe What You See!

Bhavna Acharya |May 12, 2020

All nature lovers should watch this video to see how amazing it is, from the narrow escape of the brave penguin to kung fu mantis, you may never see it happen twice!

Last month, BBC Earth has finalized the list of Top 10 natural history moments out of 50 incredible moments in the wildlife from all BBC Earth documentaries.

The video quickly went viral and gained million views on Youtube. If you haven’t watched it, you missed the best part of nature!

Now together, let’s see what we have in this special Top 10 Natural History Moments video from BBC Earth. You can skip the explanation part to watch the video right away at the end of the post. Otherwise, check our brief description before coming to the video.

1. Penguin Chicks’ Stand-Off Against Predator

The clip is extracted from Spy In The Snow documentary in 2018. It shows a group of penguin chicks heading for the water. However, on the way, their predator is waiting.

What they do later to protect their siblings from being attacked is incredible, an excellent community spirit!

Top 10 Natural History Moments 1
Do you want to have such a big brother in your group?

Even humans feel shameful when seeing these little chicks stand off to fight against their predator in extreme solidarity!

2. Tiny Penguin Makes A deadly dash from giant leopard seal

The next scene is from Seven Worlds, One Planet in 2019.

In the extract, a tiny penguin is swimming in the ocean where a giant seal is preying underwater. The first time, the penguin lands on the rock timely, forcing the seal to turn away with an empty stomach. But things are not the same at the second time.

Top 10 Natural History Moments 2
Escaping twice but the little penguin is exhausted at the end, guess what the seal does next?

Despite his great efforts to jump to an iceberg for a narrow escape, the penguin’s exhausted. Meanwhile, the seal is also approaching and he is actually able to eat the bird.

That’s not the end. What will happen next? Guess and watch the video at the end of post to check it!

3. Wild Hamster Has A Graveyard Feast

As the title suggests, the video depicts a lucky wild hamster who enjoys his feast. But what happens during the process will make you giggle all day!

Top 10 Natural History Moments 3
Uh oh, this fluffy guy hit luck, or not.

The clip is also cut from Seven Worlds, One Planet series last year.

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4. Attenborough: the amazing Lyre Bird sings like a chainsaw!

Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. A bird with song exactly like a chainsaw.

This special bird is one-off entity in his forest. He seems to mimic the sounds he has heard of, and chainsaw and photo click are among them. This sadly reflects how humans interfere with the wildlife habitat.

Top 10 Natural History Moments 4
This special bird type is native to Australian forests.

The recording was made back in 1998 in Life Of Birds documentary.

5. Amazing Crabs Shell Exchange

You may think that crabs exchange their shell independently whenever they need a new shelter. However, things are not just easy if that shell doesn’t fit their size at that time.

These smart guys in Life Story (2014) found a way to help all of them find a perfect match.

Top 10 Natural History Moments 5
These crabs showcase excellent team-work skills to achieve their ultimate goal.

6. Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider

Have you watched Panda Kung Fu? This mantis is exactly the little green guy in the movie with excellent martial arts.

Top 10 Natural History Moments 6
This mantis is using kung fu to scare the jumping spider.

He is just a newborn but with his kung fu, the jumping spider whose size is multiple times 10 times bigger has to retreat. See how his life ends up!

The video is also part of Life Story in 2014.

7. Wild Polar Bear Tries To Break In

The next clip is from Polar Bear Family And Me, recorded in 2013.

It features a wild polar bear chasing the scientist till he gets into his glass shelter. However, the bear doesn’t let him alone. It wants to go inside too!

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Top 10 Natural History Moments 7
What will you do if seeing this jaw, and you're probably its meal?

The thrilling video shows that it even gets its paw into the shelter at some points, threatening its prey with intimidating jaws.

8. Spy Monkey Mistaken for Dead Baby and Mourned by Troop

Number 8 tells story of a spy monkey who successfully gained affection from the langur colony.

The monkey is used in Spy In The Wild (2017) to record activities of these animals. It has gained success beyond expectation when a mother plays babysitter with it.

But the spy monkey is dropped and the entire troop thought the baby is dead. This is when they express their emotions just like humans. Watch their priceless reactions!

Top 10 Natural History Moments 8
The troop gather around the spy monkey, paying respect and consoling each other.

9. Iguana vs Snakes

Recorded in 2016 in Planet Earth, the clip portrays the survival run of an Iguana to escape the snakes nearby.

Top 10 Natural History Moments 9
The narrow escape of this brave iguana from the venomous snakes.

Though a snake succeeded in catching the iguana and many other snakes come for constriction, their prey escaped. Watching this scene is exactly like enjoying a thriller movie.

10. Lion Attacked by Clan of Hyenas

The final shot is taken from Dynasties in 2018, recording the attack of a clan of hyenas towards the King of Forest. See how it happens!

So, what is your favourite in these Top 10 natural history moments?

Share this to your friends to raise public awareness of wildlife and the environment in general!

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