PUBG Mobile Probably Banned In India, Tiktok Users Can Finally Take Revenge With Memes

Hanima Anand |Jul 28, 2020

After 59 Chinese apps which have been banned a month ago, the Indian government is listing out 275 China-linked apps for another ban, including PUBG Mobile by Tencent.

A month ago, when the Indian government banned TikTok along with 58 Chinese apps, PUBG Mobile players celebrated on social media for their victory over the video-sharing platform. However, yesterday, it’s TikTok users who laughed in tears when they can finally take revenge for a possible ban on PUBG.

Chinese Apps Banned India
A lot more Chinese apps are probably banned by the Indian government this time.

275 Chinese apps on the target

India government has reportedly composed a list of up to 275 Chinese apps for detailed examination. Should these apps link to Chinese government or pose any threat to national security and user privacy, they would be banned immediately.

The review list includes famous apps that share some links with Chinese companies though they might not be developed by Chinese authors. One of the hottest names is PUBG, the favorite mobile game of million Indian youngsters.

Other popular Chinese apps as Zili by Xiami and AliExpress by the Chinese giant Alibaba are also on the target list.

Aliexpress Banned In India
AliExpress is also in the list of further examinations.

A spokesperson from the Union Home Minstry said that the Indian government might ban all these 275 apps or just some of them. They could also ban no apps mentioned if they satisfy all the requirements to ensure our national security. However, some sources already revealed at least 47 more Chinese apps will be banned in India.

Also, the possibility of banning some apps is much likely because some of these have been red-flagged by Indian army for security reasons as well as violation of users’ data privacy.

PUBG probably banned in India

Though there hasn’t been an official announcement from the government investigation yet, it’s probable that PUBG would be banned in India.

First, the government has tried to ban this game several times before and this is a suitable time period for them to do so, given the escalating tension between India and China.

Pubg Banned In India 1
PUBG is installed in almost all computers of gamers in India.

Second, some weeks ago, Indian soldiers were already ordered to remove this app from their phones along with many other popular applications for security reasons. You can read details of the mass removal of apps in Indian army here.

Third, PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular game titles among Indian youths, is closely related to Tencent, the video game company in China. Though it was first developed by a South Korean company named Bluehole, Tencent was the one to totally develop and distribute PUBG Mobile version which is dominating gaming services in India.

That is to say, the type of PUBG Mobile Indians are playing is 100% made in China.

Pubg Banned In India 2
Tencent has the total rights of developing and distributing PUBG Mobile.

Meme fest after the news of PUBG ban in India leaks out

When the news of PUBG ban breaks out, the Indian Internet users have rushed to the race of memes. TikTok old users, who were trolled by PUBG players last month, were the ones to cry in tears when they could finally take revenge.

Here are some of the best memes we found on social media regarding the possibility of PUBG ban in India.

What do you think if India ban PUBG in our country? Do you support this decision from the government?

Share your comments below and do come back for more Trending Worldwide reports!

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