PM Modi Allows Private Train Services To Set Their Own Fares, Netizens React Strongly

Hanima Anand |Sep 21, 2020

The latest movement of Indian railway privatization doesn’t get support from the general public as people fear the train ticket will be too expensive for poor citizens.

Considering the impacts of coronavirus pandemic on the Indian economy, the government is trying to lure investors to different economic sectors, including railway services. In the latest report, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has allowed private railway companies to set their own passenger fares. This helps train business to balance their profit and loss, under a looser control from the government.

Pm Narendra Modi
After months of weighing its pros and cons, PM Modi finally announced his decision.

Chairman of India’s Railway Board stated in an interview last week that companies would be given freedom to fix their own fares and they would keep in mind the presence of air-conditioned buses and planes operating on the same routes to give a reasonable price for their services.

For a long time, railway in India is considered a lucrative business and also a politically sensitive issue when each day a huge number of people have to travel on trains to work. The total number of daily passengers could be compared to the entire population of Australia, showing the potential of profit if any private company is allowed to jump in the sector.

Inside India Train Services
The massive number of passengers makes Indian railway a lucrative business.

Among companies who are interested in the railway project, Alstom SA, GMR Infrastructure Ltd and Bombardier Inc are the most outstanding. These firms have already submitted their interest in running passenger trains and promises to modernize New Delhi-Mumbai routes in July.

Reacting to the news, most netizens worry about the train ticket prices after Indian railway privatization decision.

India Trains
Will the railway privatization help to get rid of this scene in India?

People are worried that trains would be expensive and only the well-off could afford the services. Meanwhile, others said the entire economy would fall into the hand of giant corporations as Ambani’s empire, leading to a series of negative social problems.

Comments On Indian Railway Privatization 1
Most liked comments under the announcement of the railway privatization post.
Comments On Indian Railway Privatization 2
Hardly is there anyone who shows a positive attitude towards the government decision.

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