PM Modi Phone Number, Email, House Address, Social Accounts (Updated 2020)

Hanima Anand |Oct 08, 2020

In case you want to contact the Prime Minister of India in urgent situations, here are his contact details for your reference.

The Indian government represented by PM Narendra Modi is always willing to listen to citizens’ grievances either in person or on digital platforms. Because many people may not know how to contact the administrators, we list here PM Modi phone number, house address, and other means to connect with him.

Pm Modi Phone Number
PM Modi government is willing to listen to people's grievances.

PM Modi Phone Number

There are several numbers via which one can reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Below are three contact numbers of his office.

  • PM Modi office phone number: +91-11-23012312
  • PM Modi office Fax: +91-11-23019545, 23016857
  • PM Modi office helpline: +91-1800-110-031
  • PM Modi office facilitation number: 011-23386447

In case you are wondering whether your grievance would be forwarded to PM Modi by calling above numbers or not, you could call the last facilitation number. In fact, your letters of complaint or any request will be handled by related departments first. Ministries are in charge of different issues which they will report to PM Modi if necessary.

Having said that, the government will ensure your voice is heard and every action taken is under the administration of PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi Email

Besides calling his office, you can also send him letters by these PM Modi email addresses:

PM Modi office email:

Also, there’s an official website from the government that allows you to write to the Prime Minister. Please follow the link to send letters to PM Modi here.

Pm Modi House Address
He lives in the building for Indian Prime Ministers in New Delhi.

PM Modi House Address

Since he took the office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has moved to the official residence and workplace of Indian PMs.

PM Modi house address is 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in the centre of New Delhi. The building is called Panchavati.

PM Modi residence was built in the 1980s over 12 acres of land, with 5 bungalows, many functional rooms like conference room, guest house and so on. The Panchavati is different from PM Modi office which is in the Secretariat Building on Raisina Hill in the capital.

If you want to send PM a letter by post, please do not send it to PM Modi house address, send it to his office instead. Below is the address:

Prime Minister Office, South Block, New Delhi, Pin Code – 110011.

Pm Modi Office
PM Modi works in the same office with the Cabinets.

PM Modi Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube

Another way to connect quickly with PM Narendra Modi is through his social media accounts. You can even tag him on Instagram or mention him on Twitter to get him notice.

Please follow these official accounts of PM Modi to update announcements or even his daily activities. Beware of many fake accounts that may spread false information about PM Narendra Modi.

Hope our article is helpful to you. Come back to for more Trending Worldwide News!

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