Real Bear Breaks Into House, Plays The Piano And Eats Food In The Fridge, See Video!

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 18, 2020

A woman in Colorado called The police right after she came home and found her house was unusually messy. What she then saw on the surveillance tape was totally unexpected.

Katie Hawley’s house was in chaos after she had forgotten to lock the kitchen window when going out. It seemed like “someone” had broken into her house through the unlocked window. The special intruder, in this case, surprisingly was a bear. Katie didn’t see that coming when she watched the surveillance record.  

bear plays piano
The story of the bear plays piano go viral on the internet

According to the footage from the security camera, the bear indeed got into her house through the unlocked window. The giant animal didn’t have any trouble when opening it. Actually, the bear slid the window right open like a human. However, it seems like he needs to practice more when it comes to playing a piano. 

The bear made a tour around her house, sat on her coffee table, and... started playing the piano while standing on its hind legs. However, unlike the experience with the window, the music the bear played clearly showed that it was less proficient in using that apparatus.

Check out the full footage of the bear plays piano in Orlando:

The unexpected guess continued to make itself at home as the camera video revealed that the bear even opened the fridge and ate up a lot of food. Hawley later came back home and found her house trashed with an empty bag of strawberries, a halfway eaten butter jar, and so on. The crazy thing is that the bear seemed to have dedicatedly twisted the lid of the peanut butter jar by its paws.

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Seeing the mess, Hawley immediately contacted the police and had a cop come over to look into the scene. She remembered after examining the house, the policeman said to her that the intruder was a bear, not a human. She saw it herself when reviewing the surveillance tape that night. It was freaking and interesting to see it at the same time. 

A website from Colorado explained that bears would surely do a lot for food, breaking into houses was one of those. The piano-playing animal even made its way back to Hawley's house an hour after Hawley had returned home. The police showed up at her house again to shoo the bear up the hill. Hawley, who was familiar with seeing bears outside on a regular basis, clarified that having a bear enter her house was completely unusual.

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