Throwback Heartbreaking Photo Of Elephants Mother And Calf Chased With Fireballs By Aggressive Mob In Rural India

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 08, 2020

The mother-son pair was luckier than the pregnant elephant died in Kerala last week as they were able to save their life from humans!

Recently, a story about a pregnant elephant died in Kerala after eating a pineapple bomb stirred up the whole country and created a massive public outcry among nature lovers not only in India but around the world. The case, once again, raises the alarming situation of elephants in India and how the life elephant and other wild animals are being threatened by humans.

elephants in india 1
More and more elephants in India are being threatened by locals in India

In fact, it is obviously not the first time the majestic creatures were attacked by locals in India. The so-called elephant-human conflicts in India has always been a controversial issue in our countries when elephants are chased and killed by locals in rural India time after time.

Back to the year of 2017, another photo of a baby elephant and his mother being chased with fiery balls by a mob in eastern India started a huge wave of protest across the country. According to Biplab Hazra who won a wildlife photography competition for the photo, he was shocked witnessing the distressing scene for the first time and knew that it was his mission to raise the issue via photos.

elephants in india 2
The mother-son pair was luckier than the pregnant elephant died in Kerala last week as they were able to save their life from human

The heartbreaking photo sees a baby elephant and his mother running for their lives from an aggressive crowd in West Bengal, India while fiery balls busted right by their side. A few hours after emerging on the internet, the photo created a huge wave of protest on how Indian people are treating their pachyderm inhabitants.

Having more than 27.000 elephants, India is, in fact, the home for half of the elephants of the world. However, the lives of elephants in India are in danger as their habitats are being destroyed. As a consequence of the industrialization in India, the rate of deforestation is becoming much faster than ever.

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Elephants in India are struggling to survive as their lives are being threatened by the deforestation

Their natural habitats are crossed with human settlements like highways and railways. Therefore, wild elephants are forced to risk their life entering villages to seek food
This also heightens the tension between the locals and elephants with more cases of human beings being attacked by elephants and vice versa have been recorded.

elephants in india 4
The fight between humans and elephants in India is yet to be settled down

Although the situation is becoming much more serious, the government is yet to pay any attention or carry out any plan to protect the wild habitats of elephants as well as other wild animals in the India forest. At that time, cases of elephants being killed or hurt by local people continue to arise.

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