Man Complains When His Wife Stops Wearing Make-Up On Sundays

Hanima Anand |Jan 21, 2021

Too tired of spending hours doing makeup daily, the woman decides to let her face breathe on Sundays. Surprisingly, her husband thinks it’s a sign of her becoming slobby.

People often say it’s impossible to understand women but now it’s true to men as well. Remember some years back when men shared shocking makeup transformation videos and praised girls with natural beauty? Many continue to do it at the moment, while some start feeling annoyed when their wives don’t wear makeup anymore.

Man Complains Wife Stop Wearing Makeup
Do men never satisfy with their wives' look?


Reason why this woman stops wearing makeup on Sundays

It’s a true story of a middle-aged wife who has worn makeup every day during her 22 years of marriage. She only has a grooming-free face on camping days or when she is sick. For a normal day, she would get up early, take a shower and shave her legs.

Then, she spent up to one hour doing makeup and hair before going to work. Now when she is tired of this daily routine, she decides to stop putting makeup on Sundays.

Indian Woman Doing Makeup
It takes women hours daily to wear, maintain or remove makeup and fix hair.

In fact, she doesn’t let herself look messy on these grooming-free days. She just applies moisturizer and ties her hair in a ponytail while wearing casual clothes. However, that might not be considered presentable by her husband who is used to her makeup look for 22 years.

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Her husband’s negative reactions

Contrary to what the woman thought, her husband reacts in a totally different way. He starts having a fit about her no-makeup Sundays, pointing out that it is a sign of ‘downward spiral’ on the way to become a messy and slobby woman.

The man also affirms that he keeps his routine for years without skipping a morning shower. It takes him only 15 minutes to finish the shower though.

Indian Woman With And Without Makeup
Do you prefer her tiring makeup look or a makeup-free smiling face?

Her husband emphasizes that he finds nothing sexy or beautiful about her new look, which is also her natural look.

Responding to the man’s complaint, she affirms she has no intention of doing makeup on Sundays again when she doesn’t do anything than going to the grocery store. How can she waste such hours into doing that tiring thing? It’s ridiculous, right?

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