Man Fled Home After Wife Gave Birth To Quadruplets At The 6th Delivery

Hanima Anand |Mar 17, 2021

The poor man was nowhere to be found after his wife gave birth to 4 more children in her 6th delivery. Due to limited budget, she never had an ultrasound scan during her pregnancy.

A social activist in Nigeria named Sarah Az Izevbigie took to her Facebook account the story of Mrs. Rita Ndibisu in Benin city.

A desperate mother of 9 children

To be specific, Rita and her husband have had 5 children together. She was pregnant the sixth time but never had an ultrasound scan session during 9 months due to financial problems.

It’s not until she delivered, the family knew that she gave birth to a set of quadruplets, adding up the total number of children to 9. As the father of five might be stressed for feeding 5 children already, he decided to flee from home to shirk the responsibility.

Mother Of Quadruplets
Rita had no idea of how to bring up all 9 children without their father.

Mrs. Rita was left home alone with her 9 children. Luckily, the Facebook user Sarah came to help her by calling for donations from fellow citizens.

Sarah not only provided account details so that people could donate to Mrs. Rita, but she also showed other ways to assist the single mom, for example, by sending diapers, baby clothes or food to Rita’s place.

New Born Quadruplets
A photo of four babies when they were born

Timely support from locals

Here is the full post of Sarah on her Facebook:

"Children are gift from God. And this wonderful creatures here are not exempted irrespective of how things are at the moment. This happened on the 2/1/2021 yesterday morning to be precise. Mrs Rita Ndibisu, a mother with 5 children delivered 4 beautiful bouncing babies yesterday ( quadruplet ) at General hospital along Nomayo in Upper Sakponba Road, Benin city. Unfortunately her husband is no where to be found till now. She needs help and assistance from me and all well meaning Nigerians out there. Diapers, baby food, baby clothes, wipes, money will be well appreciated as her hospital bill is yet to be settled. Her name again is Rita Ndubisi, account number 3147825035, First bank. Her phone number 07033666031 Or make use of my account number 2007839177 Sarah iroghama Izevbigie zenith bank. Your little contribution will go a long way and will be well appreciated. Thanks and God bless."

On her account, Sarah posted photos of Mrs. Rita and her newborn children. After the post was published, Sarah got support from many netizens who were willing to help Rita and her children. Many have sent baby diapers and money to foot the hospital bills for Rita. Others continue to share the story to her newsfeed for further help.

Sarah And Quadruplets
Sarah often visited the poor mother and her babies after that.

Meanwhile, the husband of Mrs. Rita was unreachable. His name or related information was kept private as well.

Hope the poor man could realize his responsibility and return home as soon as possible.

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