Doesn’t Need Any Man In Her Life, 35-Year-Old Woman Spends $1400 To Marry Herself

Leela Adwani |Mar 01, 2021

When you don’t have a potential partner to get married, you can totally conduct self-marriage ceremonies.

Marriage is considered one of the biggest milestones in the life of many people. When you and your partner want to settle down after a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, a wedding seems to be a happy ending and it also opens to a new chapter of their life.

Meg Taylor Morrison
The special story of Meg Taylor Marrison who marries herself

However, when you don’t have a potential partner to get married, you can totally conduct self-marriage ceremonies. Yes, you don’t hear it wrong as it’s the true story of Meg Taylor Morrison who is a life and business guru from Atlanta, Georgia.

What happened?

The 35-year-old woman had always dreamed of having a wedding on Halloween 2020. However, nothing is certain but the unforeseen despite she was already in a relationship back then.

Meg Taylor Morrison Wedding
She decided to marry herself after ending the relationship with her boyfriend.

In fact, Meg and her boyfriend called it quits in June 2020, four months before Halloween, in a very amicable breakup.

The wedding with no groom

In order to fulfill her own dream, she still decided to throw her wedding and the presence of the groom is not a big deal anymore. Meg planned her important day for months like any normal wedding. She ordered a custom-made cake, chose a perfect dress, and a diamond ring. The total cost for the wedding preparation is around £1000 (around $1400).

Meg Taylor Morrison Wedding 2
She considers it an act of self-love.

If you are wondering why she had to do that, then Meg also explained the reason. Marrying herself is a way to focus on herself rather than try to please other people.

“I wanted to marry myself as an act of self-love,” said her.

She viewed it as a very positive experience as it reminds her to believe in her judgment. Her mental health and her happiness are more important.

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