From Genius To Renowned Astronaut, These Are Loneliest Persons In The Human History!

Hanima Anand |Aug 11, 2020

As humans, we may feel detached with the surroundings for some times, but we could never feel the utmost loneliness of these used-to-be-famous persons in the history.

There are so many unknown lives suffering loneliness that we have never heard of. But could you believe that these loneliest persons in human history used to be frequently hunted by the media?

These 3 people are not orphans, nor were they abandoned by society. However, every one of them experienced the utmost loneliest moments during their lives. Let’s dive in and feel their desperation at that time!

Michael Collins in 47 mins utterly disconnected with Earth

You must have heard of Neil Armstrong who set the first human step on Moon from glorious Apollo 11 mission. Along with Neil Armstrong, another astronaut was also widely recognized, Buzz Aldrin but that’s all. No one has ever discussed the role of Michael Collins at the time.

Michael Collins The Loneliest Person 1
The team had three people but only two were recognized by the public.

Michael Collins were, surprisingly, aboard Apollo 11 with the two mentioned people but he didn’t appear in any photo on the mass media because he had to stay in the command module to ensure the team could get back to Earth.

To do this, Collins had to stay in orbit around the Moon for nearly 22 hours, which means he was floating for roughly a day outside the space, all alone, with no living creatures in the proximity of thousand kilometers.

That’s not the toughest part. When Collins reached the far side of the Moon in the orbit, the Earth was completely blocked by the Moon and all communications were disconnected. 47 minutes in the space, Michael Collins were unable to be seen or communicate with any human.

Michael Collins The Loneliest Person 2
Michael Collins stayed in the commander module, alone, outside the space for 22 hours.

After the incident, NASA announced that ‘Not since Adam has man known such solitude’ as Michael Collins. He himself admitted that when the ‘radio contact with the Earth abruptly cuts off at the instant I disappear behind the moon, I am alone now, truly alone, and absolutely isolated from any known life.’

Next time, when discussing the human triumph of landing on the Moon, remember to introduce Michael Collins to your friends!

William James Sidis – the cursed life of a child prodigy

Famous for being a prodigy, William James Sidis handled a seminar at Havard university at the age of 9. His parents, who were intellectual Ukrainians, determined to turn Sidis into the next Einstein of human history. Unfortunately, they made him the loneliest person instead.

William James Sidis The Loneliest Person 3
Sidis was raised to become a genius but turned into the loneliest life ever.

At a very young age, Sidis stated he had no interest in love or any sexual relationship as they deterred him from attaining a perfect life. Graduated from Havard at 16, he was offered teaching maths at Rice University. However, students there didn’t want to be taught by a much younger teenager than them, so he quit the job. Sidis continued his study at Havard Law School after that but didn’t finish the program.

After attending a communist-leaning demonstration and often showing discontent with the society, he was arrested and sentenced at his family sanatorium for years to avoid the bullying and mockery from the public. Sidis, in fact, fell in love with an Irish socialist named Martha Foley but his parents disapproved. They even threatened to send him to an insane asylum so that he can cut all connection with socialist things.

At the age of 23, he was finally set free. Sidis decided to isolate himself from his family and moved from city to city to hide his identity. He took menial jobs to make ends meet while writing a lot of books during those days. However, most of his books were glossed over and they were only paid attention to years after his death.

William James Sidis The Loneliest Person 4
William James Sidis (right) was even claimed to have the highest IQ in history.

In the 1930s, a journalist were able to track him down and pretended to befriend him. On the article about his genius life, he was denounced a failure living in a shabby house, who used to cry when facing too much work to do. Sidis then followed a series of court battles to gain his justice after the public humiliation article.

Finally in 1944, he reached a court settlement. Three months later, he was found unconscious in his rental room due to brain hemorrhage. Sidis died at the age of 46, with the only possession being a photo of Martha Foley whom he fell in love decades before.

Not once in his life, Sidis was supported by his parents or had a true friend. Had it not been for his extraordinary ability, he might not become the loneliest person in history.

Nikola Tesla & his love with a pigeon

Now everyone living in civilization knows Tesla, the biggest electric car producer in the world. Not many know the story behind Tesla, the weird scientist, idol of Elon Musk and one of the loneliest people in human history.

Nikola Tesla was an elegant man but never married. He used to say he felt never worthy enough for a woman but then changed his opinion after women tried gaining their power in fields dominated by men. Tesla felt women lost their femininity while trying to be powerful, and he thought his chastity was a great sacrifice for scientific abilities.

Nikola Tesla The Loneliest Person 5
Nikola Tesla was shy away from society; he spent most time alone in his lab.

Not sure if Tesla ever fell in love with any woman but he insisted on rejecting the idea of marriage. He even developed an unusual relationship with a pigeon. He said that he loved that pigeon as a man loved a woman, and she loved him.

During his life, he had many innovative inventions but he often worried his ideas would be stolen by others if he noted them down. That’s why, besides avoiding human interactions as much as possible, he kept all important ideas inside his brain.

Tesla was also reported to sleep no more than 2 hours per night and doze from time to time to have enough energy to work. He once worked straightly 84 hours without rest. Every day, he had dinner alone at exactly 8:10 p.m. He hardly ate outside except for social obligations.

The scientist had an open disgust for overweight people and was reportedly harsh at the way people dressed. His anti-social tendency was even more tangible when he resided at the Hotel New Yorker. He barely received guests but once he did, he required them to stand away around one meter from him at least.

Nikola Tesla The Loneliest Person 6
Nikola Tesla young (left) and his old-aged photo before his death.

Tesla died alone in the hotel room at the age of 86. Right after his death, the US government sent FBI to quickly acquire his papers. Some years later, Tesla’s nephew was granted the heir to his belongings. However, only 60 out of 80 trunks of Tesla’s effects confiscated by FBI were sent to his relative.

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