Kerala Student Set Herself Afire For Not Being Able To Attend Online Classes

Hanima Anand |Jun 03, 2020

Feeling upset and inferior to others, a ninth-grader in Kerala committed suicide as she didn’t have a smartphone or a working television to attend online classes.

The unfortunate girl is a class nine Dalit student who had an academic session on Monday. According to the lockdown rules, all local schools and colleges were shut down, so virtual classes were open.

Indian Students In Class
Schools closed to avoid coronavirus spread, Indian students turn to online classes.

Unable to attend the online lesson because no one in her family has a phone while the television had been out of order for weeks, the 14-year-old Kerala student decided to end her life by setting herself afire near her home in Valancherryon.

Her father, a poor worker, said she was a bright student. He shared that she felt nervous and inferior to others when she couldn’t afford to attend digital classes.

The girl went missing since Monday afternoon. Police found her charred body near her house later.

Student Studying Online
Not all students are equipped with enough tools to attend digital classes.

People are blaming the authorities for lack of thorough research before launching virtual classes. Not just the unfortunate student in this story but thousands of other learners nationwide are also suffering the same problem.

How could we expect students in disadvantaged families have enough tools to attend these online lessons?

What would these children feel when being unable to join their friends due to their parents’ financial difficulties?

Kerala Areas
Students in such areas need other alternatives than just virtual classes.

Clearly, school administrators, teachers as well as all stakeholders should pay more attention to students’ needs to help them tune in. Please no one should be left behind!

Previously, we have also reported a case in Delhi where a woman burns herself as husband didn’t buy another smartphone for their second child to study online.

These mishaps could be prevented with more consideration from the authority and government.

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