Cooking 33 Dishes In One Hour, The 10-Year-Old Master Chef From Kerala Records Her Name In Asia Book Of Records

Hanima Anand |Oct 14, 2020

The pretty Saanvi Prajit is exactly the little Indian version of Gordon Ramsay when finishing up to 33 dishes in just 60 minutes without others’ help. Read on!

Photos of a 10-year-old girl in Kerala are going viral on the Internet. In the picture, Saanvi M Prajith is holding her certificate from Asia Book of Records for the maximum number of dishes cooked by a child. The title also specifies her exact age of 10 years 6 months and 12 days.

Saanvi M Prajith With Her Record
This little girl just made entire India proud.

According to reports, Saanvi was born in Ernakulam in Kerala to the Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force Prajit Babu. The girl soon expressed her special interest in cooking at a very young age. With support from her mother Manjima Prajit and her grandparents, Saanvi has learnt and cooked many dishes on her own.

This 10-year-old Master Chef also has her Youtube channel named Saanvi Cloud 9 to showcase her culinary products as well as her dancing moments.

Saanvi Cooking Challenge For Asia Book Of Records
Image of Saanvi during her cooking challenge

Earlier this month, she has registered the event with Asia Book of Record to cook most food as a child. The event took place at her house in Vishakhapatnam, witnessed online by the committee. When time is up, the girl finished up to 33 dishes in total, including a variety of tastes as idli, mushroom tikka, uttapam, chicken roast, appam, fried rice, papdi chaat or pancakes.

Right when she was awarded the title, her mother took it to her social account. The girl receives countless praises from Indian netizens.

We believe Saanvi, with her culinary gift, will go much further in the future. She can compete in not only domestic cooking contests but also international cooking shows.

Should your child love cooking, don’t hesitate to guide them from easy dishes to more complex ones. You can never know what children can do with their creative mind and impressive inquisitiveness.

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