Stunner Crowned Miss Great Britain Beauty Pageant 2020 After Major Weigh Loss

Salena Harshini |Sep 28, 2020

From fat to fab, Jennifer Atkin has claimed the Miss Great Britain crown after being dumped by her fiance and a drastic weight loss.

On September 21, Daily Mail has reported that Jennifer Atkin, 26 years old, has bagged the title of Miss Great Britain 2020. The beauty who hails from Grimsby will represent Britain to take part in Miss Tourism World 2020.

Miss Great Britain
Jennifer Atkin had a drastic transformation and became the new Miss Great Britain

After winning the prestigious title, the new beauty pageant winner has got candid on the dark sides of her life, including how she was a victim of body shaming as well as her efforts to be where she is right now.

What motivated Jennifer Atkin to lose weight?

In the past, Jennifer Atkin used to weigh 92kg which is the result of a long time following unhealthy eating and overall lifestyle. Her office work at the airport made her weight rocket without a stop.

When she was about to get married, her weight continued to increase and the maximum number she got was 114kg. This did not come to appear very well to her fiancé and he decided to cancel their engagement.

Miss 1
Because of her weight, she was dumped by her fiance

The new Miss Britain shared that after her fiancé left her right before their marriage, she cried her eyes out and chose food as her way out. She felt that her world had crumbled.

She decided to go for a change since 2015. The 26-year-old beauty started going on a diet, exercising in an effort to gain a fit body. She also started challenging herself in various beauty pageants.

After two years, Jennifer Atkin managed to lose 50kg, and thanks to her picturesque face and stunning figure, she won the title of Miss Genting Sheffield. In 2018, she signed up for Miss Great Britain and ended up as the second runner-up.

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Now she looks like an entirely different person

Endless efforts to improve herself

This year, Jennifer Atkin decided to be back in the game after two years of training. And with all those efforts, the beauty from Grimsby has finally succeeded in grabbing the highest title of the competition.

She shared her thoughts upon winning the Miss Great Britain 2020 title that she was mocked in the past. She did not feel insecure because of her being overweight but because of the criticism. That was what urged her to cut off some weight and to be able to gain such an achievement today.

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She is much more confident
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Miss Great Britain gains confidence about her body after drastic weight loss

The new Miss Great also called on the girls to be aware of keeping fit. This is not just a matter of appearance, but also of health. The 26-year-old beauty says that she do not dare say women with excessive weight are not beautiful but the problem that she wants to spread awareness about is health. She used to be overweight and she understands how hard it is , with no intention of disparaging anyone.

Currently, Jennifer Atkin is confident in wearing outfits that can flaunt her healthy body. She is not afraid to post pictures with her waist full of stretch marks after losing weight, giving it a memorable achievement in life.

She glows with confidence and self-love

Miss Great Britain pageant was first organized in 1945 as the Bathing Beauty Queen. The competition takes place every year, and up to now, there have been 72 people who claimed the title (including the queens who are stripped of the crown and the successor beauty).

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