Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Joins OnlyFans After Leaving The Adult Film Industry For 6yrs, Netizens Mock Her For Joining This Platform

Leela Adwani |Sep 24, 2020

With $11.99 per month, Mia Khalifa's subscribers on this adult-content platform can get exclusive access to her images, videos.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa recently joins the content subscription service OnlyFans which is mainly famous with sex workers. As soon as the news was out, it has stirred up a storm of controversies on social media. Twitter is now flooded with mixed comments about her participation, mostly mocking the actress for joining the platform in the middle of her battle against the pornographic film studio Bang Bros.

Mia Khalifa
The Instagram post announces her "new job"

Recently, she took to her Instagram handle to share a picture of herself sitting on a sofa with a sushi tray and a laptop with a caption saying,

“I have a full time job… as an accountant.”

However, what grabbed eyeballs is not her caption but her laptop screen as it’s displaying her OnlyFans page.

With $11.99 per month, her subscribers on this adult-content platform can get exclusive access to her images, videos. Even though Mia Khalifa stated that she won’t post nude content on her page, she would treat her fans like what she has been doing on Instagram but “WITHOUT TERMS OF SERVICE” version.

Mia Khalifa 2
She won't post nude content but Instagram-without-terms-of-service kind of photos/videos on OnlyFans

For those who don’t know, Khalifa had left the adult film industry after three months of stepping into it. However, it’s been more than six years since the day she decided to turn her back from it. Until now, she is still having a long-running feud with Bang Bros. It refuses to remove Mia’s porn videos from the website, although she has been attacking this company several times.

Mia Khalifa 3
However. she invited the wrath of netizens for joining OnlyFans

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Before Mia, many celebrities respectively join this platform to offer their adult content but Mia is the one getting a lot of criticisms.

Mia Khalifa 4
What do you think?

Many said that as she was losing her attention and she needs to bring it back by doing so. Meanwhile, another wrote that Mia left the porn film industry, got married to a dude who ruined her body, and now she is doing OnlyFans.

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