Indian Girl Broke Her Own Guinness Record For Having The Longest Hair On A Teenager

Hanima Anand |Nov 06, 2020

Nilanshi Patel has claimed the title for having longest hair on a teenager since November 2018, but the girl kept growing her hair and this is the third time she broke her own record.

Nilanshi Patel was born on 16 August 2002 in Gujarat. After an unfortunate haircut at six, she determined to grow her hair and never cut it again because she felt haircut was bad for her. She got full support from her mother who combs her 2-metre hair now every time she washes it.

Nilanshi Patel 1
Nilanshi Patel is known as Indian Rapunzel in real life.

On 21 November 2018, Nilanshi Patel bagged the title of longest hair on a teenager on Guinness World Records. At that time, her hair was 170.5 cm long. She was also invited to the Italian TV show called La Notte Dei Record to share her one-off experience.

As her hair keeps growing, the Gujarat teenager broke her own record twice, one in September 2019 with 190-cm hair length and another this year when her hair grows to 200 cm.

Nilanshi Patel 2
Her hair needs to be wet and placed on a surface to be measured.

To measure her hair length exactly, Nilanshi Patel must wet her hair and place it on a flat surface before professionals calculate its natural length.

Because Nilanshi has passed her 18th birthday this August, she will no longer be a teenager with the longest hair, but the longest hair ever on a teenager.

Nilanshi Patel 3
She has broken her own records twice in 2 years.

Should Nilanshi want to claim the record for longest hair on a female head, she needs to grow it to over 5.6 metres. Such an insane length, right?

Putting aside the race for records, Nilanshi Patel feels truly happy when owning the longest hair on a teenager. She shares that her family and friends often call her ‘real-life Rapunzel’ and they are very proud of her.

Nilanshi Patel 4
Her hair is even longer than her height.

When being asked about possible problems she may face with that long hair, Patel is confident she can do all the things with her hair, even sports.

She often washes her hair once a week. Though it only takes 30 minutes to dry, her mother has to spend one hour just to comb it. To maintain her hair condition, Nilanshi Patel uses special shampoo and hair oil recipe made by her own mother.

Nilanshi Patel 5
Nilanshi's mother has a secret recipe to keep her hair in top condition.

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