NCP Leader Dhananjay Munde Accused Of Raping A Playback Singer While Having Children With Her Sister

Salena Harshini |Jan 13, 2021

The leader is facing one of the most serious accusations in his career. See what he had to say regarding the issue!

Recently, Renu Sharma who claimed to be a playback singer sent Internet users into a tizzy after alleging that Maharashtra cabinet minister and senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader, Dhananjay Munde, raped her. She also shared a photo of her police complaint in which she alleged the leader of raping.

While she said that Mumbai police have carried out no action, Dhananjay Munde has issued a clarification that he was blackmailed and this narrative is to sabotage his image.

Renu Sharma Munde
Dhananjay Munde controversy of raping is making headlines

Dhananjay Munde said he is set up?

Soon after the news went viral, he has broken his silence and shared a long note on his social media account. In detail, he made an explanation of his side of the issue. He wrote,

“For some time now, some documents about me have been circulating on social media and I have been accused of rape. A woman named Renu Sharma has tweeted from her own account. The documents show that some complaint has been lodged against me. All these allegations are false and are only to defame and blackmail me and the entire truth of the matter is as follows.”

Munde then divulged that he has engaged in a “consensual relationship” since 2003 with a lady called Karuna Sharma. Moreover, they even have two kids with each other.

For those who have not known, Renu Sharma is the younger sister of Karuna Sharma.

He added,

"My family, wife and friends are aware of this. I have given my name to these two children. In all the documents, right from school certificate, my name has been mentioned as a parent. My family, wife and my children have also accepted and accepted these children as family members.”

Munde kept on sharing that after 2019, Karuna Sharma along with her brother Brijesh and sister Renu began blackmailing him and requested money from him.

Dhananjay Munde
He allegedly raped a lady while he also had children with her sister

This is what he had to say about the speculations,

"They also threatened to kill me. In this regard, a complaint has also been lodged with the police on November 12, 2020.”

BJP leader wants Munde to stay out of Maharashtra cabinet

Apart from that, he said that Karuna uploaded a “very personal and private material” that also had him included in November 2020 on social media.

"In this regard, I have filed a case in the High Court and the matter is sub judice. At the same time, the process of reconciliation is underway through the lawyers of both the parties. In this context, I have personally gone to the High Court against Karuna Sharma. It would not be appropriate for me to comment further as it sub judice," he stated.

Dhananjay Munde 1
Now BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has a plan for him

He again asserted that these allegations are fake and they did this as a plan to demand money from him.

"However, since then, Renu has started posting false and defamatory allegations against me claiming that I raped her under the pretext of marriage. All these allegations are false, and part of the plan of Karuna and Brijesh to blackmail me and collect ransom from me.”

After Dhananjay Munde’s clarification, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya made a statement. He said that Munde "must stay out of Maharashtra cabinet” until he gains a clean chit for this case.

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