Meet The Girl Who Eats 12 Sausages Within One Minute In 2020 Guinness World Records!

Hanima Anand |Mar 05, 2021

Leah Shutkever is called the speed eater and holding 18 Guinness records related to eating. She is also among the most successful eaters in the world record history.

We are proud to present you today the probably fastest eater in the world as she broke 18 records of Guinness till 2020.

Leah Shutkever, a British fitness girl, works as a designer but has a passion for speed eating. She is aiming to break as many records of Guinness as possible. Most of records she achieved related to the speed of eating.

Speed Eater 1
This is just a normal lunch in her day, in case you ask.

Particularly, in June 2020, Leah Shutkever broke the world record for swallowing most sausages in one minute with a total number of 12.

Though she has practiced speed eating since 2013, it’s not until 2019 that Leah had her first Guinness record for the fastest time to eat 3 pickled eggs in 7.80 seconds.

Here is the list of Leah’s achievements in Guinness World Records in 2020 only!

  • most chocolate truffles eaten in one minute (no hands): 12
  • most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands): 20
  • fastest time to eat a Chocolate Orange: 57.14 seconds
  • most hot cross buns eaten in three minutes: 6
  • most mini gherkins/pickles eaten in one minute: 23
  • fastest time to eat a cucumber: 27.16 seconds
  • most lasagne eaten in 30 seconds: 380 g
  • most spring rolls eaten in one minute: 301 grams
  • fastest time to eat 80 g of watercress: 45.26 seconds
  • most sausages swallowed in one minute: 12
  • most tomatoes eaten in one minute: 8
  • fastest time to drink one litre of gravy: 1 min 4.9 seconds
  • most jam doughnuts eaten in three minutes: 10
Speed Eater 2
She is willing to compete with male competitive eaters.

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Sharing about her speed eating techniques, Leah said it involved lots of practice, including chewing and swallowing at the same time. She admitted that after several records, she realized it’s a waste of time to chew.

"I don’t know why people find such fascination in it, but it’s something to develop quite early on in competitive eating, especially when doing Guinness World Records titles."

Leah had a Youtube channel to show videos of her practicing. She got more than 266 thousand subscribers till date. Watching her videos, you will be amazed at her ability to eat such big feasts at an unbelievable speed.

Speed Eater 3
Here's how Leah looks when she doesn't practice speed eating.

Besides being a competitive eater, Leah Shutkever is also a gym lover. To her, keeping fit while practicing speed eating is the biggest challenge but she managed to overcome it.

Leah hoped that her story would help to light up the day for many people and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.

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