6-Year-Old Indian Boy Entitled World’s Youngest Computer Programmer, Netizens Have Weird Reactions

Hanima Anand |Nov 10, 2020

The class-2 student from Ahmedabad is recognized as the youngest computer programmer by Guinness World Record. Instead of admiration, some people express disappointment towards the boy.

We are proud to say that India is the land of prodigies with countless records made by these young talents recognized by world organizations. The latest reports from Guinness World Record just name another Indian son, who is Arham Om Talsania, the official World’s Youngest Computer Programmer.

He has cleared the Python programming language exam at six, four years after he was taught using tablets by his own father.

Arham Om Talsania photo 1
Arham posing with his fortune at the age of 6 as a programmer.

As far as we know, Arham’s father whose name is Om Talsania is a software engineer. Realizing his son had developed an interest in coding at a very young age, Talsania decided to teach him basic programming. It turns out his son is a genius in this field.

According to Arham Om Talsania, he started using tablets at the age of 2. One year after that, Arham was allowed to buy gadgets installed with iOS and Windows. However, he was only introduced to coding when he knew his father was working on Python.

The young boy shared that when he got the certificate from Python, he was designing small games on his own. The company asked him to submit proof of work, and he did it. Surprisingly, Python approved his work and got him the Guinness World Record certificate for the youngest computer programmer at 6.

Arham Om Talsania photo 2
He took Python and then the entire world by surprise.

Talking about his ambition, Arham Om Talsania said he wanted to become an entrepreneur who made apps, games and coding systems to help everyone, especially those in need.

Here are some other words from Arham’s father who were taken aback by his son’s ability!

“Since he was very young he was very much interested in gadgets. He used to play games on tablet devices. He also used to solve puzzles. When he developed an interest in playing video games, he thought to create it. He used to see me doing coding."

Arham Om Talsania photo 3
He loves coding to create games on his own.

When the news Arham got Guinness Record for World’s Youngest Computer Programmer broke out on the Internet, most people felt proud of this little boy. However, some others have a very weird way of thinking. They assume that Arham doesn’t have a childhood because of his father’s orientation.

Comments On World Youngest Computer Programmer

Comments On World Youngest Computer Programmer 2
Some less educated comments on the case of Arham.

In fact, as his father shared above, the interest comes from Arham himself. No one can force a toddler to learn something that they don’t want. Only when they are truly keen on the subject can they absorb knowledge.

Comments On World Youngest Computer Programmer 3
Positive compliments are overwhelmed by negative ones.

For those who worry he doesn’t have a childhood, what if coding is his favorite childhood activity? Even when he may miss a ‘normal’ childhood with frivolous hobbies as some other kids of the same age, he definitely has a bright future in the years ahead while others may not.

From Starbiz, congratulations to Arham Om Talsania, the youngest computer programmer in the world!

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