India Overtakes Russia To Rank Third In Highest Coronavirus Cases, Will It Pass America As Well?

Salena Harshini |Jul 06, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases in India has had a huge spike in the last few days, surpassing Russia in terms of the total case tally.

India has dethroned Russia to be the third country that is worst-affected by coronavirus after the number of cases has surpassed 690,000 on Sunday. Reports have arrived from the Union Health, with 240248 cases and 425 lives claimed in the last one day.

The new cases and demises have pushed the number of cases in the nation to 698,817 and the death toll to 19,707.


Maharashtra has the highest total number of contracted cases, followed by are Tamil. Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka. The record toll now stands at 60.85 percent, including 424,963 patients throughput the country recovered from the contagious disease.

In the meantime, the US has seen nearly 3 million cases with the number of cases increasing day by day. Will India also surpass America? Let's hope that it won't happen.

Take a look at top 10 updates on coronavirus in India:

1. Maharashtra, India’s worst-hit state as well as home to financial center Mumbai had 6,555 new COVID cases. It crossed the mark of two lakh cases with 206,619 cases in total as the govermment of Maharashtra plans more easing. The Chief Minister said the decision of reopening restaurants and hotels will be taken soon.


2. Tamil Nadu's coronavirus tally reached 1,11,151. Malls are set to reopen fully across the state, except in Chennai, from today. IT and IT-enabled industries can reopen with 50 per cent staff, a maximum of 80 members and company transport. The companies, however, ought to ensure 20 percent of staff works from home. While Chennai's coronavirus count saw a slight dip over the last few days, Madurai is seeing a spike with 303 cases yesterday.

However, the companies ought to make sure that 20% of staff work from home. Chennai is seeing a slight dip in the COVID-19 count over the last few days. Meanwhile, Madurai’s count is climbing with 303 cases yesterday.

3. With a number of 2,244 new COVID-19 cases in Delhi on Sunday, the confirmed cases in the capital city were only 556 away from the 1-lakh mark. The cases are now 99,444 while its active cases reached 25,038.


4. In the midst of a massive hike in infections in Assam, the health department of the state is pushing the test to fight against the global pandemic. With 2 lakh quick antigen test kits, they have stepped up with the test done across Guwahati.

As per the government, Assam has had more than 11,000 infections so far with 14 deaths.

5. On Sunday, Telangana recorded a number of 1,590 new cases with 7 new deaths. The coronavirus count here has reached 23,902 with 12,703 discharged or cured, and 295 lives claimed.

6. Karnataka and its capital Bengaluru have witnessed a quick increase in the infected cases for the last few days. The district with the most cases is Bengaluru Urban. On Sunday, Bengaluru and Karnakata’s other cities and towns had a full shutdown. They have logged 23,474 cases with 372 deaths.

An Indian Resident Has His Temperature Checked By

7. Kerala also decided to carry out a strict “triple lockdown” in Thiruvananthapuram corporation limits for one week after a hike in COVID-19 cases. State government has informed that safety rules regarding the pandemic should be obeyed in the next one year in the state. Kerala which had reported the first COVID case in India in January, has had 5,429 cases to date.

8. West Bengal is reported to have the highest increase in new infected cases in the last 24 hours with 895 cases, including 21 deaths. Meanwhile, Kolkata – the state capital, also peaked with 244 new infections. Bengal has had 22,126 cases so far.


9. The nationwide lockdown since late March has been lifted gradually with most activities allowed. Metro trains, schools, gyms, cinemas, swimming pools are still closed while international flights remain grounded.

10. The COVID-19 has taken more than 5.36 lakh lives over the world since its emergence in China last year. More than 1.15 crore people have contracted this fatal virus.

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