Model To Sell Her N.u.d.e Photos On Adult Website OnlyFans To Raise Fund For Her Lyme Treatment

Leela Adwani |Jul 06, 2020

However, the total cost for this treatment trip is £6000. That made her decide to sell her nude pictures as a way to raise the funds.

A 28-year-old model who is residing in Essex, the United Kingdom was diagnosed with Lyme disease in the year 2016. In order to be able to cover the treatment fee, she decided to sell her naked pictures online, and needless to say, she is making headlines.

For those who don’t know about Lyme disease, it’s a bacterial infection spread to humans from infected ticks. The affected people will usually develop a rash that is likely to last for a few months though some end up with flu-like symptoms like headaches, high body temperature, tiredness, and muscle and joint pain.

Model Onlyfans
Model Mechelle De Feo then and now

The model whose name is Mechelle De Feo has been suffering from this illness for one year now and her symptoms are mainly tiredness and dizziness. She also found blood in the urine.

Mechelle thinks that she might be bitten by a tick from deer, horses, or woodland while she was on her farm.

The model constantly sought help from her GP though what she got back was just the responses like “didn’t her seriously” or “useless.” However, only Michelle understood her best and she thought it was way more serious.

She then decided to go to a clinic where the doctor diagnosed with migraines related to vertigo and gave her headaches medicine.

Model Onlyfans 2
Her recent updates

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However, it was until a friend suggested that it could be Lyme disease and she went back to the GP and asked to be carefully tested again.

In fact, Lyme was not even detected the blood tests were carried out. After spending £600 in a German clinic, her symptoms have still worsened. She then researched her condition by herself and eventually found a doctor who lives in Washington, the US.

However, the total cost for this trip is £6000 that is a whopping number for the model.

That made her decide to sell her nude pictures as a way to raise the funds.

Model Onlyfans 3
She will fly to the States

Michelle said,

“I’m selling my nudes on a site called OnlyFans, to my followers. I don’t take nudes every day – I have set days to take content and then I upload as I go along. So I don’t have to work every day, which is great. I see why a lot of girls do it, to be honest.”

She has raised half of her target so far and is still trying to raise more. For your information, OnlyFans is a platform offering adult material comprising of sexual videos and photos.

Her parents also know what she is doing to earn money for her treatment. They aren’t unhappy at first but now accepted.

She hopes she can head to the US right away when the lockdown measures in this country are eased and the commercial flights to this country are eased.


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