[In Pictures] Mass Graves In Brazil Give GooseBumps, But ‘Worst Is Yet To Come’

Hanima Anand |May 23, 2020

The aerial images of mass graves in Brazil dug for coronavirus patients can give anyone goosebumps when looking at, but the country knows this is not the worst scenario yet.

Recently, gravediggers in Brazil made a shocking revelation that they had to work 12-hour shifts to ensure enough space for coronavirus death piling up every minute. If this claim is hard to imagine for some people, these newly released aerial images of mass graves in Brazil can make their bodies shake in scare.

Brazil Mass Graves Coronavirus 6
People would hardly figure out what it is without the context of coronavirus pandemic.

These photos are taken above one of the mass burial sites prepared for coronavirus deaths at Vila Formosa cemetery near Sao Paulo city. This is also the biggest cemetery in Latin America.

Mass Graves In Brazil 1
Lines upon lines, waiting to be filled.

Looking at the images, one may not figure out at first. It’s line after line of empty graves waiting to be filled. The photos went viral on the Internet after Brazil recorded its highest figure of coronavirus deaths in one day, at 1,179 people.

Brazil Mass Graves Coronavirus
A brief mass funeral during the pandemic in Brazil

Till date, Brazil has confirmed over 319,000 cases of infection with more than 20,500 deaths but health officials in this country worry that this is not the worst scenario yet.

Mass Graves In Brazil 0
Hundreds of graves are dug daily, with the aid of machine.

It seems Brazil hasn’t reached its peak and the number of confirmed cases would continue to increase exponentially within the next few weeks.

Mass Graves In Brazil 2 Coronavirus
Spots you see are all graves for coronavirus deaths.

Also, experts are afraid that the real number could be much higher given the lack of testing across the country. A professor even estimated that the real figure is 15 times higher than the announced number, which means it could be up to over 4,7 million cases.

Mass Graves In Brazil 3
The biggest cemetery in Latin America is expanding quickly with these mass grave areas.

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Reacting to the increasing number of coronavirus deaths, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro, however, opposes to limits on citizens movements. He even called the disease a “light flu” and dismissed his Health Minister when this man recommends governors stay at home to avoid the infection.

Mass Graves In Brazil 4
There isn't enough time to finish these graves carefully.

Two days ago, some lawmakers and others held a protest against the Bolsonaro’s mishandling during coronavirus pandemic, leading to thousand deaths of citizens. They displayed a Brazilian flag on which are hundreds of tiny black crosses to represent the deaths by Covid-19.

Mass Graves In Brazil 5
Gravediggers couldn't remember how many funerals they attended here.

Back to India, we have recorded over 125,000 cases this morning and around 3,720 deaths. To update latest reports of coronavirus in India, please click on the link.

Mass Graves In Brazil Coronavirus
Many graves even don't have a name or code. It's just the date they were buried.

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