COVID-19: Russian Nurse Caught Wearing Only Lingerie Beneath See-Through PPE While Working In The Male Ward

Salena Harshini |May 21, 2020

A Russian nurse has been caught wearing only underwear beneath her transparent PPE while working in the male ward of a hospital. The picture is giving the Internet a stir.

On Tuesday, a Russian nurse in charge of coronavirus treatment has been receiving verbal rebukes for donning lingerie under transparent PPE clothing while working with the patients.

The unnamed medial staff, aged around 20 or more, mentioned to the Tula city hospital chiefs that it made her feel “too hot” to wear a uniform under th protective suit.

Russian Nurse
An elderly man looking on the female nurse in her see-through gown while she was treating the patients of COVID-19

After a photo of the woman was passed on on the Internet, she was suspended because of “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing”.

She also told the bosses of Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that it did not come to her realization that the PPE suit she was wearing on the male ward was transparent.

In spite of that, a report was shared by the health ministry of the region, saying that “a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated (uniform) requirements”.

Russian Nurse See Through
The nurse has unknowingly violated the uniform rules

The bosses earlier said the Russian nurse was donning “lingerie” but then claimed that it was a “swimming suit” under her gown.

She hasn’t made any public statements about her incident. Also, the disciplinary action’s exact details were not unveiled.

A patient said that the men in the ward had no objection to this while baring it out that there was actually “some embarrassment”.

On another hand, one reader of the local tabloid Tula News showed the support to the nurse, saying that at least somebody has a sense of humor amid this gloomy reality.

Russia Covid 19
Russia is also in an intense battle against coronavirus at the moment

Another supporter can be seen saying that while everybody criticized her, no one heeded that it was the heat which made her dress this way.

"Maybe you need to yell at the management … because there is no normal air conditioning here."

Until Wednesday, Russia has seen a number of more than 309,000 reported COVID-10 cases with about 3000 demises. The death toll is as of now 2,972.

Moscow has been accused of understating the real true level of fatalities. Tula, the city in the west of the nation, witnesses 2,637 infections including 19 deaths.

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