How To Avoid Coronavirus In India: Tips For Effective Prevention

Salena Harshini |Jan 31, 2020

India has received the report on the first case of coronavirus. In order to protect your health, check out the tips on how to avoid coronavirus in India

The report on the first positive case of an Indian getting infected with coronavirus has come round on Thursday. According to the health ministry, the patient, who got tested positive for the disease, was studying at Wuhan University located in China – the base and center of the outbreak. Although the deadly virus has not reached India yet, many are certainly wondering how to avoid coronavirus in India.

First case of coronavirus has been reported from Kerala. (source: Business Today)

Until now, as per the government informed that the student was stable as well as being monitored by doctors and scientists. More than 800 people who have headed to China are also being kept under inspection in Kerala.

So, for the sake of everyone’s health, read below to know more about the way the avoid 2019-nCoV in India.

What are coronavirus symptoms?

AS per World Health Organization, the infection signs involve fever, cough, breath shortness and breathing difficulty. With cases that are more severe, the virus may cause pneumonia, kidney failure, serious respiratory syndrome, even death. The coronavirus incubation period may take from 10 to 14 days.

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How does it spread?

Though there isn’t any certainty on how the coronavirus is transmitted, they believe that the first carrier is an animal. Afterward, the fatal disease spread from a human to another.

Experts have pointed out that the disease is transmitted from human to human. Moreover, it is put to the front also by experts that the virus may also be transmitted from mammal to mammal, especially pets.

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How to avoid coronavirus in India?

At the moment, no vaccine for treating coronavirus is available. On how to avoid coronavirus in India, the best method is to steer clear from being exposed to it. Here is how:

1. Keep yourself away from traveling to China.

2. When you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with tissues or flexed elbow or tissue. Immediately throw the tissue away and wash your hands.

3. When you wear a mask, make sure to cover both your nose and mouth. Once the mask is on, avoid touching it.

4. After each use, get rid of the single-use mask and wash your hands after removing the mask.

5. In case you get sick when traveling, inform the crew and find medical care.

6. When you have sought out medical attention, make sure to share your travel history with the health care providers.

7. Supposed that you have come back from China recently (within the last two weeks), you are advised to stay at home for two weeks after your return. Moreover, you must sleep in a separate room and wind down contact with your family members.

Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly to prevent the disease.

What to do if you had close contact with someone infected with coronavirus?

Observe the development of the symptoms and signs’ acute onset such as cough, fever, breathing difficulty or shortness of breath.

If you see you are experiencing any of those symptoms, visit the nearest health-care facilities for treatment and further advice. You must also provide such patient’s details of exposure with the healthcare worker.

Moreover, we want to provide you with the National Health Helpline of India: 1800-180-1104.

Make sure to protect your health from coronavirus!

In a nutshell, make sure to follow the above instruction to reduce every possibility of getting infected. will update more and the latest information on coronavirus and how to stop its spread. Check our website regularly to protect yourself and your beloved ones.

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