Health Worker Died Of Unknown Reason After Receiving Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

Hanima Anand |Jan 06, 2021

Sonia Acevedo, a Portuguese health worker suffered a sudden death two days after being injected with Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Her family is demanding an answer from authorities.

According to reports, Sonia Acevedo was injected with Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on December 30, 2020. Two days later, she suffered a sudden death at her home on exactly New Year’s Day. Her death left the entire family in shock and they are requiring a proper investigation into the case.

Sonia Acevedo didn't show any side effect of the vaccine

Sonia was 41 years old and working as a health worker. After receiving the vaccine, she didn’t have any symptoms. Her health was also in good condition prior to the injection.

Health Worker Who Died After Vaccination
Sonia was completely fine before and after the vaccination.

Her father Abilio Acevedo told a local newspaper that Sonia hadn’t had any health problems before. He didn’t know what happened. He and his family just wanted an answer for what led to the death of their daughter.

The only discomfort from the injection was normal

Sonia was a mother of two. She was found dead at 11 a.m on Friday after having the New Year’s Eve party with the entire family.

Till now, there is no evidence that suggests Sonia’s death was linked to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. However, an autopsy report would be released soon. The authorities also ensured that they were following procedures to figure out what happened.

Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine
Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine reportedly has some side effects but not that serious.

Meanwhile, Sonia’s employers at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology confirmed that she received Covid-19 vaccine on December 30 but they hadn’t seen any undesirable effect within some hours after the vaccination. The company also guaranteed the explanation of the cause of Sonia’s death would follow the usual procedures.

Vania Figueredo, daughter of the unfortunate health worker said that her mother only complained about a normal discomfort when getting an injection in her arm. Sonia also changed her Facebook profile photo with a mask on shortly after the vaccination. She captioned it ‘Covid-19 vaccinated.’

There’s no sign that Sonia suffered from side effects of the Pfizer vaccine till date. The authority is still investigating further though.

Covid 19 Vaccination
Covid-19 vaccination is taking place on large scale in Europe.

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