Korean Film "Flu" Predicts Coronavirus Outbreak: Shocking Similarities Between Reel And Real Life

Salena Harshini |Feb 07, 2020

Chances are the 2013 movie "Flu" is the prediction for the occurring disease coronavirus. The Korean film and the real-life event share striking resemblances that may shock you to the core.

Flu predicts coronavirus outbreak

While China has been coping with the outbreak of coronavirus, many other countries are also trying their best to cure infected patients as well as prevent the disease from affecting the people at all costs. The illness has infected more than 24 thousand Chinese citizens, taking over 490 lives.

On the other hand, some of you may have heard of animated series The Simpsons which have made many accurate future predictions although they were released way back in 1989. Similar to this, we have found out that Korean movie Flu which hit the screens in 2013 may also have predicted or resembled the current dangerous disease caused by coronavirus.

The 2013 disaster movie is the prediction for the occurring disease of coronavirus?

Let’s dig in the details to see what we have discovered!

Unknown virus becomes widely dangerous

1. In the movie

The disaster movie directed and written by Kim Sung-Su is about the outbreak of a fatal H5N1 strain that takes down its victims in a short time. The initial cause is unexpected when illegal immigrants were found dead in a shipping container.

The disease then spreads out and throws the Bundand district in Seonam into total chaos.

2. In real life

On December 31, 2019, China warned WHO of a virus that caused several pneumonia cases in Wuhan and it was also unknown. On January 7, 2020, they identified it as coronavirus, dubbed as 2019-nCoV and until now, the illness has been spread around the globe.

People collapse on the street

1. In the movie

When the flu breaks out, the citizens with initial can be seen coughing and having rashes on their whole body. When the illness gets serious, they even cough up blackened blood and die.

There are even scenes where drivers passed out on their vehicles and cause a series of violent clashes. Also, infected people can be seen lying everywhere on the street which creates a very disturbing vision.

In the film, a lot of people die from the flu.

2. In real life

Pictures showing several citizens dropping down on the streets in Wuhan, China have been haunting others these days. This is the chilling yet disturbing moment of a man who casually cycles past the dead body of a pensioner who is believed to die from the virus.


Medics and police had come to inspect the corpse. (source: The Sun)

Later, medics and police had arrived in hazmat suits to inspect the corpse of the grey-haired man and carried him away in a body bag. Though it is not certified whether he drop dead from the deadly bug, it was clear in these pictures that the authorities were not taking any chances. He collapsed only one block sway from Wuhan Number Six Hospital that is among the main medical centers for treating patients with coronavirus symptoms.

There were also several other cases some can be seen lying unconscious in the street.

Wuhan has been dubbed as Zombieland while locals had been collapsing on the streets.

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Quarantine city and overwhelmed hospitals

1. In the movie

Besides those mentioned above, there are more details indicating that Flu predicts coronavirus outbreak.  When they have been aware of the H5N1 virus’s fatal strain, staff have called to quarantine the city to prevent it from spreading wider.

The scenes show everyone in a chaos when more and more people show pronounced symptoms.

The hospitals soon are overwhelmed with patients. They have to make camps outside a stadium to treat the infected. Those who have displaying symptoms are isolated in the infected quarantine zone beneath that stadium to get medical treatment.

2. In real life

Wuhan, with 11 million citizens, has been grimly quiet since the lockdown. However, the roads around a hospital site have still been full of trucks, cement mixers as well as other construction vehicles. They are on the work of building a 1000-bed hospital in 10 days following the severe outbreak of coronavirus. It is named Huoshenshan Hospital, meaning “Fire God Mountain”.

The hospital site on January 24...
.. and the same construction on February 2. (source: Getty Images)

As reported by China Central Television, the facility has prepared to accept the first batch of patients while 7 thousand workers with loads of excavators and trucks constantly digging and scaping to complete the site.

In a nutshell, how the movie Flu predicts coronavirus outbreak is still questionable. But it is hard not to notice the huge resemblance that the reel content and the real-life event share. The most couraging similarity of these is that people have strong hope and they try their hardest to better the situation no matter how challenging it is for them.

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