Does Europe Intentionally Neglect Coronavirus Spread To Remove Non-productive Population?

Hanima Anand |Apr 07, 2020

An emerging conspiracy theory questions the current policies of European governments in stopping the spread of coronavirus. It says these countries are ignoring the outbreak to get rid of their dependency population.

The literally oldest continent, is facing its toughest time when thousands of people die of coronavirus in Europe daily. Till April 7th, there are about 16500 deaths in Italy, over 13300 for Spain, nearly 9000 in France while many others like UK and German are witnessing hundred deaths per day as well.

Despite an unprecedented lockdown in these countries, the pandemic seems to take its natural course without any human intervention, pushing the majority of vulnerable population like elderly to the edge.

Europe Prime Ministers
These governors are blamed for not doing enough to stop coronavirus in Europe.

This raises a doubt among netizens whether these Europe governments are intentionally spreading the virus to remove this non-productive population who might deter their economies from flourishing as in the old days.

While many immediately frown upon the theory, others give their seemingly reasonable evidence for this.

Majority of deaths fall on dependency group

Take a look at the age group share of Covid-19 deaths in Italy, we see that most deaths occur to the retiree group. To be specific, the 60 and above population accounts for 96.43% deaths across the country.

Italy Covid 19 Deaths By Age Group
Age group of Covid-19 victims in Italy. Source: Euronews

What a coincidence, these unfortunate people are those with least contribution to the economy while causing burden on the social welfare system, withdrawing a large amount of national budget each year.

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Italy Coronavirus Death
The death toll of Italy was constantly increasing during March.

Old-age population is putting pressure on European economy

According to The 2018 Ageing Report by European Commission , Europe population is getting older and older. The total population is projected to increase from 511 million in 2016 to 520 million in 2070, but the working-age population is predicted to decrease from 333 million to 292 million in those years.

The report also indicates that this pattern will increase the total public spending on pensions, unemployment benefits, health care and some related aspects by 1.7%.

Europe Nursing Homes
The aging population is putting strain on Europe public spending.

Though the report projects a higher retirement age to improve the situation, many people suspect that policy makers in Europe are taking advantage of coronavirus to remove the old population, thereby resetting its population structure which is more beneficial to the overall economy development.

‘Herd immunity’ is mentioned frequently

It’s now not a strange term when herd immunity is making headlines in many European newspapers. Just earlier this month, Dutch Prime Minister also said:

“The reality is that in the near future a large part of the Dutch population will be infected with the virus. We can slow down the spread of the virus while building controlled group immunity.”

Dutch Pm Televised Speech
Dutch Prime Minister in a televised address on the outbreak of coronavirus. Source: Irishtimes

Before that, some governors in other Europe countries also mentioned this term, leading to heated debates whether herd immunity approach is moral or not. Given the fact that elderly often has severe health conditions, they are claimed to be the sacrifice for the group immunity development.

Truth revealed: Europe is doing its best to stop the virus

Now it’s time to look at the problem with a sober mind.

First, regarding the death rates among old people in Italy, it is totally understandable when these individuals are the most vulnerable group to any kind of pneumonia diseases. Especially when the healthcare system is overloaded with a massive number of confirmed cases, lack of proper care for the entire population is foreseeable.

Overloaded Hospitals Italy
Lack of equipment in overloaded hospitals is the threat to this vulnerable old-aged country.

Second, if you look through all documents or orders from European governments at this time, there is no word saying that the authorities should neglect the spread of coronavirus. All the documents insist that the national staff must do their best to stop the outbreak.

Their images of struggling with the pandemic in hospitals or supporting centers can be seen in every corner of social media, which is undeniable evidence for their efforts.

Europe Coronavirus Nurses
Images of European nurses exhausted while helping coronavirus patients.

What about the herd immunity?

You heard it right, many governors mention this term, just because it’s a natural effect of an infectious disease which can be observed throughout the human history.

It’s a factual information and a consequence of this pandemic and it might be the only savior of us all at this time, when no vaccine proves effective yet.

And to slow down the spread and give time for herd immunity to appear, Europe governments are doing everything they can.

So, now what do you think?

Share the right information to others so that no one gets killed by fake news instead of the virus!

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