Raising Awareness On Coronavirus By Cardboard, Nobody Does It Like "Dude With Sign"

Salena Harshini |Mar 30, 2020

And this kind of way is more successful and inspiring than anyone's expectation!

Remember that man holding a sign that becomes everyone’s favorite by subtly pointing out annoying things which are so relatable they turn out funny? Having this cardboard sign held over his head, the sole protestor stands in the middle of the street and immediately becomes the center of attention. It's the Dude with sign!

Dude With Sign7

The dude behind the cult Instagram account, Seth, has been raising awareness about the most concerning issue these days, COVID-19. After the #SafehandsChallenge, WHO has partnered with him to inform and encourage reflection on the contagious pandemic.

Dude With Sign9
- High School Musical OST

The Dude with sign is now writing down some very essential steps people should follow as well as some chief practices to remember and help control the spread of coronavirus.

Dude With Sign6
Totally agree

In a period like this, social media is jammed with false information. The Dude with sign is reaching out to as many people as possible by helping them practice the basic and accurate preventive steps to fight this dangerous virus.

One of his sharings said that the presence of confusion about coronavirus is why he decided to collaborate with the World Health Organization and Instagram. He wants to raise awareness while also giving out reliable information.

Dude With Sign5
Also noted!

>>> Talking about cleaning phones, have your awareness fully raised here: How To Clean Your Phone From Coronavirus?

Some of his most viral coronavirus signs are “wash your hands”, “please stay inside”, “thank you doctors, nurses and medical staff” and "clean your phone too".

Dude With Sign10
Sincerely, from every single one of us

Dude with sign has collected nearly 7 million followers in barely five months opening the account.  Seth Phillips, the account owner, like anyone else, is also obeying the safety guidelines and is now holding cardboard signs at home.

Take a look at other notable signs of the funny Dude with sign guy:

Dude With Sign8
We don't know, either...
Dude With Sign4
To all the racist people out there
Dude With Sign1
Luckily, Justin Bieber shaved now
Dude With Sign2
Yes we are fed up!

With this smart and hilarious way, Dude with sign surely has helped a lot in promoting awareness in people.

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