Here’s What You Need To Be Treated In Delhi Hospitals From Now

Hanima Anand |Jun 08, 2020

When the coronavirus is hitting the country, overcrowded hospitals and left-out patients are unavoidable. Delhi hospitals have just announced requirements for patients here.

To serve best for local citizens, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced requirements for a person to be treated in Delhi hospitals.

Check if you’re eligible for a bed in city hospitals or not!

Delhi Hospitals Requirement
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced requirements for Delhi hospital admission.

Delhi hospitals for Delhi residents only

The first and foremost condition for people to be treated in city hospitals is that they must be “people of Delhi.”

Accordingly, except for some cases of specialized surgeries, all beds in Delhi hospitals even the private ones will be reserved only for Delhi residents.

The order has been signed by Delhi health secretary Padmini Singla. It reads:

“Private hospitals and nursing homes shall ensure that only bona fide residents of Delhi are admitted for treatment in these hospitals.”

Delhi Hospitals Reception
Delhi hospital system won't be able to accommodate more patients than its own residents.

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Documents needed for admission to Delhi hospitals

Please note down what to bring along when you want to register treatment at Delhi hospitals.

These are extracted exactly in the announcement made by Delhi chief minister last night. Whatever document you have in this list, please take them with you to prove your identity and residence in Delhi.

  • Voter ID of patient
  • Bank or post office passbook of patient
  • Ration card of patient
  • Passport of patient
  • Drivers’ license of patient
  • Income tax return of patient
  • Latest water, telephone or electricity bill issued to the patient or close relative such as parents or spouse
  • Proof of postal department’s posts received with the patient’s name in the given address
  • Aadhaar card issued prior to June 7
  • Any such document issued in the name of any of the parents if the patient is a minor
Delhi Hospitals Requirements
You will need documents to prove your identity and Delhi citizenship.

Given the fact that Delhi population now reaches over 19 million, the number of beds in Delhi hospitals might even be insufficient for Delhi people only. However, this news is not favorable for people of other states who seek better treatment in the city hospitals instead of local clinics.

Do come back for more updates on coronavirus in India!

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