CoronaVirus Age Groups - Who Are Most At Risk Of Contracting nCoV?

Rose Advani |Jan 31, 2020

After the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus from Wuhan, China, Medical professionals examined which age groups have a greater risk of contracting the disease. Most of Coronavirus infected victims are the people who have weak-immune system.

The world has been undergoing the growth of the coronavirus threat from Wuhan, China. Medical professionals have examined all necessary information about Corona including who is most at-risk with Coronavirus. The post notices the age groups that have a greater risk of contracting this disease. Most of Coronavirus infected victims are the people who have weak-immune system.

Coronavirus infection: Who are most at-risk?

Who is mots at-risk of infecting Coronavirus?

According to Fox News, Dr. Debra Chew, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School showed a better understanding of this Wuhan virus. She said:


She emphasized that the disease may expand with more cases and global travel if we do not have immediate action to control the infected area.


Dr. Debra Chew also indicated though it not clear track that pregnant women might have greater risk in contracting Coronavirus. She emphasized that the young, elderly and children who have an issue in the immune system have a greater threat from Corona. The age of infectious people range from 2 to 74 years old but most deaths of Corona are seen in elderly group who had a weak immune system and they cannot fight against the disease.


However, as the latest study of a Chinese doctor group from Jinyintan, Ruijin Hospital, and Jiao Tong University basing on infected victims, men have a greater risk of infecting Coronavirus than women like MERS and SARS.

Also, according to latest reports from China, below are the coronavirus death rates by age groups:

  • Over 80 years old: 14.9%
  • 70-79 years old: 8%
  • 60 to 69 years old: 3.6%
  • 50 - 59 years old: 1.3%
  • 40 - 49 years old: 0.4%
  • 10 - 39 years old: 0.2%

Please note that this research is conducted in Chinese mainland only. The death rate for men is 2.8% while women is 1.7%.

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Men have greater risk of infecting Coronavirus

Mrs.Chew also added that the people who infected this Wuhan corona-virus only had clear symptoms within 5-14 days which gave us the bigger threat because we cannot realize their signs of the illness until the symptoms come.

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Notably, Coronavirus is so similar to the common cold, so it’s hard to detect whether your illness has come from the Coronavirus or just a common cold or flu. The Symptoms of the coronavirus include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, so-weak feeling. For any symptoms like that, you must take a medical check for sure of not infecting this virus.

The outbreak of the new virus, Corona in Wuhan, China
The outbreak of the new virus, Corona in Wuhan, China

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What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): The virus rooted in a seafood market in Wuhan, China. Later, the virus immediately spread to other regions, other cities, and now all over the world. The virus is a big threat to us by transferring human to human.

What is Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)?

Symptoms of the Coronavirus include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Currently, we have no vaccines to cure this disease, so the sanitary methods as washing your hands and wearing masks play an important role in protecting you from this disease.

The world in efforts to control Coronavirus

Currently, there are 9.807 people being infected Corona-virus and 213 of them have died since the outbreak of the new virus.

Countries with Coronavirus cases

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