Coronavirus Fake News! Media Reports Impose John Hopkins University Say 40 Crore Indians Will Get Infected With Coronavirus

Ankita Chetana |Mar 28, 2020

Many media firms (not STARBIZ) spread a report saying that India will witness 40 crore citizens testing positive with coronavirus and attributed it to John Hopkins University.

Currently, on social media, a report claiming that coronavirus will eventually contract with 40 crore Indians have been shared virally by several media bases. They even imposed John Hopkins University and stated that their claims came from a report by a Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) of this university.

Check out some short quotes of their fake reports on coronavirus:

Fake News 1
One of the fake news of coronavirus in India has been spread nationwide these days
Fake News 2
Actually, John Hopkins University hasn't declared any prediction like this
Fake News 3
From the same 'source' of CDDEF, different media firms published different predicted figures or coronavirus cases

On the other hand, John Hopkins University has taken action to clarify the source of information. On its official account on Twitter, the university opposed the act of using its logo without permission in the reports and it is also working with CDDEP to make this issue clear. See the university's tweet here:

John Hopkins University Tweet On Fake News
Source: Twitter

After John Hopkins University raised its voice about the reports, a media house removed the story and turned to blame for a news agency.

Altered News
A media house confirmed to delete the old story

Nevertheless, the other media firms with the same reports haven't changed the credit or deleted the stories they have made. The coronavirus situation has been causing a lot of confusing and fear in people but these reported media firms haven't even clarified or explained their fake news.

According to Times Fact Check, they have made use of John Hopkins University's prestige to create a bogus report on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in India with an upcoming number of 40 crore positive cases.

Be warned and awake with the source of information. Unless the news and announcement come from the government, don't threaten yourself and the other people surrounding you with FAKE NEWS!

Stay tuned with STARBIZ to update more!

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